Apply Now for the Children and Family Fellowship

Apply Now for the Children and Family Fellowship

Deadline: 20-Aug-21

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is seeking applications for its Children and Family Fellowship that seek talented, accomplished, and ambitious professionals from across the country who want to strengthen public and nonprofit systems in ways that make those systems more effective, efficient, equitable, and reliable.

The Foundation seeks people who strive for excellence and for measurable, equitable results, who want to accelerate their professional and personal development and make a greater difference.

The Children and Family Fellowship is the Casey Foundation’s signature program to develop the potential of leaders in public, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations working to improve outcomes for children, youth and families. The Fellowship explicitly strives to increase the pool of diverse, visionary leaders with the confidence and competence to lead and sustain major system reforms and community change initiatives that benefit large numbers of children, youth and families.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Children and Family Fellowship, an applicant must:

have ten years or more professional work experience in fields that serve children and families (excluding volunteer time and unpaid internships);
hold a position with significant management responsibility (for example program managers, deputies, department heads, directors, executives) or have held such a position recently;
be working in the United States on domestic issues;
have work experience in roles of increasing responsibility;
be able to attend ALL Fellowship seminars and activities during the Fellowship term of April 2022 through January 2024;
not be involved in another fellowship program during the Children and Family Fellowship period, April 2022 through January 2024;
not be seeking public office during the Children and Family Fellowship period, April 2022 through January 2024;
not be currently seeking employment at the Annie E. Casey Foundation; and
not be an immediate family member of a board member or senior leader of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Selection Process

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The Casey Foundation solicits nominations for the Children and Family Fellowship from a prestigious, national network of organizations and individuals who lead many of the most dynamic systems, institutions and programs in America today. Their wide spheres of influence throughout the public, nonprofit and private sectors uniquely position them to identify the talented leaders sought by the Children and Family Fellowship.
Once nominated, candidates are invited to complete a Fellowship application. The Fellowship selection committee, composed of a diverse team of Casey staff, Fellowship alumni and partners in the Foundation’s work, reviews all applications and recommends candidates for further consideration.
Candidates also may apply directly. A nomination is not a prerequisite.
Special attention will be given to candidates with significant ties to the places, organizations and areas of interest in which the Foundation invests, although pre-existing relationships with the Foundation are not a prerequisite. Personal references are then sought and reviewed. The committee selects a small number of finalists who are invited to a series of interviews and group activities. Final selection of Children and Family Fellows is announced following the interviews.
For more information, visit https://www.aecf.org/work/leadership-development/children-and-family-fellowship/20222024-children-and-family-fellowship/20222024-fellowship-selection-criteria/

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