Apply now for Teach For India Fellowship 2024

Apply now for Teach For India Fellowship 2024

Deadline: 3-Sep-23

Applications are now open for the Teach for India Fellowship, an opportunity for India’s brightest and most promising individuals to serve as full-time teachers to children from underserved communities.

Through this experience, their Fellows cultivate the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to become leaders in the movement for educational equity. The Fellows come from across the world, from over 300 college campuses and companies, with diverse lives, experiences and professions. As a member of this cohort, there’s so much to learn from each other and grow.

Teach for India offers you the chance to make a real difference in tackling one of India’s most pressing challenges — educational inequity. By placing you in an underserved classroom, the Fellowship is an opportunity to impact the lives of entire classroom(s) of children. You develop your leadership skills which are critical in today’s dynamic global work environment. The Fellowship Program allows you to become a part of the solution and grow as a change agent in society.

Why be a Fellow?
  • Find Your Purpose: Develop an awareness of how poverty and inequity impacts India’s children. Discover your values, strengths and areas of development, passion and purpose.
  • Become a Leader: Deliver bold possibilities for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to realise their full potential. Build concrete leadership skills of envisioning, stakeholder management planning, execution and reflection in challenging environments.
  • Join a Movement: Work with diverse stakeholders towards a shared vision. Become part of a movement of 4,000+ Fellows across India and countless more globally who will be your lifelong partners in this work.
  • Drive Change: Work at the grassroots level, and impact the lives of children and their families. Don’t just talk about the India you envision. Build an India free of poverty and filled with love.
  • A stipend of INR 23,043 per month.
  • A housing allowance of INR 5,300–10,000 (depending on the placement city).
  • Reimbursements for work-related expenses (e.g. school supplies on a per-child cost basis).
  • Health insurance of up to INR 100,000 and access to free counselling.
  • Casual and sick leave, national, regional and school holidays and a summer break.
  • Access to their career fair after the Fellowship.
What does the Teach for India Fellowship entail?
  • The Fellowship is a 2-year, full-time, paid commitment.
  • Fellows are placed in under-resourced English-medium classrooms in a government or low-income private school.
  • Fellows work as subject/class teachers for a set of 40-80 Students, where they:
    • Take responsibility for students’ academic and holistic learning outcomes growth.
    • Empower and enable the parents of Students.
    • Collaborate with school faculty and staff to create a conducive learning environment for all Students and learn about the grassroots challenges and enablers.
    • Fellows work closely with other Fellows and staff members to learn, facilitate, and enable each other’s leadership development and growth.
    • Fellows embark on their own leadership development journey where they:
    • Practice skills and traits of leadership through their daily work, reflective spaces, coaching conversations, and feedback loops.
    • Plan, execute and monitor their work while mobilising stakeholders regularly.
    • Drive a “Be The Change Project” – an entrepreneurial project rooted in solving daily challenges their Students encounter.
Who do they look for?
  • A deep belief in an equitable India and an excellent education for all children.
  • Leadership potential and openness to learning.
  • Courage – an orientation to set bold and ambitious goals for their children and themselves.
  • Problem-solving abilities to navigate the many challenges they will encounter.
  • Collaborative skills to work with diverse people towards shared goals.
Eligibility Criteria
  • You are eligible to apply for the 2024 Fellowship cohort if you:
    • Completed graduation by June/July 2024.
    • Are applying for the first time for 2024 Fellowship cohort, since July 2023.
    • Are a citizen of India or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI).

For more information, visit Teach for India.

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