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Apply Now for Art Happens Anywhere (AHA) Program – United States

Apply Now for Art Happens Anywhere (AHA) Program – United States

Deadline: 18 May 2020

Under this Call for Artists (“CFA”), the Library, Arts & Culture Department (“Library”) of the City of Glendale (“City”)— on behalf of the City’s Arts & Culture Commission (“ACC”)— is accepting proposals from qualified candidates who would like to participate in its Art Happens Anywhere (“AHA”) Program.

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In March 2020, the United States declared a national emergency due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Immediately following this announcement, several organizations and venues made the difficult decision to cancel or postpone art and culture programming. The unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic has caused devastating financial constraints to the arts community resulting with the inability for artists to pay for rent, purchase food and obtain necessities.

In response to COVID-19 and its effects on the arts and culture community, the Library and the ACC are re-launching the Art Happens Anywhere (“AHA”) Program, with the purpose of encouraging the expansion of arts and culture activities to benefit the citizens of community during these unique times. This CFA encourages artists to consider non-traditional artwork, experiences and performances that can engage the public in unexpected ways and places given the social distancing requirements.

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Through innovative uses of digital and virtual technology, audience interactivity, and unconventional delivery methods, the AHA Program seeks to foster progressive attitudes toward art, art-making and performance, and to elevate the role of art in enhancing a community. The AHA Program is also an opportunity for artists to immediately begin working on a proposed project, resulting in the stimulation of the creative economy in Glendale and beyond during these challenging times.

The proposed artwork may be visual, musical, performance-based, social, experiential, environmental, sensory, streetscape/mural art — all delivery methods will be considered.The artwork may be a one-time event or a temporary installation, or it may be a series of events or installations.

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The ACC is interested in proposals that are innovative, unique, and open to different interpretations. Proposals are encouraged to engage interactive participation with constituents. A primary aim of the AHA Program is to include cutting-edge, immersive technology that re-imagines the possibility of creative connection with an audience during the pandemic and its aftermath.

Funding Information

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Individual project budgets from $3,000 to $15,000 will be considered, with the expectation that higher cost projects could be longer lasting, larger in scope and/or have a further reaching impact.
A total allocation of $100,000 has been budgeted for the entire AHA Program.
Eligibility Criteria

Artists of all artistic genres, art organizations, or schools within the Southern California region may submit proposals.

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Ineligible Artwork

Artwork is ineligible, for any one or more of the following reasons, if the artwork:

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A copyrighted or trademarked image or logo;
A brand or business name;
A website or social media link;
Address or phone number;
Is plagiarized, stolen, or copied from another source;
Defames or invades the rights of any person, living or dead;
Is likely to:
Incite or produce an imminent lawless act;
Disrupt the orderly operation of the facility exhibiting the art;
Is integral to criminal conduct or violates the law; or
May reasonably be construed as:
False or fraudulent;
Obscene matter, as defined in California Penal Code or any successor legislation;
Harmful matter for minors as defined in California Penal Code or any successor legislation; or
Child pornography, as defined in California Penal Code or any successor legislation.
Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be considered in evaluating all proposals:

Alignment with the AHA! Theme (35%)
Library staff, in consultation with the ACC, will review and make selections based on artist’s originality, skill and/or craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation as it relates to non-traditional methodologies. In addition, the artist’s statement and career experience, and the artist’s interest in activating a public space through art, will be considered.
Appropriateness for Proposal (25%)
Selections will be based on the appropriateness of the content (within a digital, virtual or performance artwork), durability of the artwork, scale, size and weight, and accessibility for public viewing and installation. In addition, Library staff will review the artwork to ensure it is suitable for all ages.
Audience (25%)
The Commission will review to ensure the artwork is versatile, sensitive to social, environmental, historical, and/or relevant contexts, and that the artwork or performance is suitable for all ages.
Local Preference (15%)
Preference may be given to local artists, if all other factors are equal. Local artist is defined as an artist whose primary residence, studio or business is located in Glendale.
For more information, visit https://www.glendaleartsandculture.org/art-happens-anywhere

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