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Apply for ViiV Healthcare Momentum Grants

Apply for ViiV Healthcare Momentum Grants

Deadline: 01-Mar-2024

ViiV Healthcare has announced the Momentum Grants to provide Community-Based and community-led harm reduction services, including HIV prevention, care and treatment programmes for People Who Use Drugs (PWUD).

Funding Information
  • Grants of up to £300,000 will be awarded for implementation over a three-year period (£100,000 a year).
What they are looking for?
  • Positive Action seeks to support the scale up of Community-Based and community-led interventions that demonstrate effectiveness in providing Harm Reduction Services for PWUDs.
  • They are looking to fund interventions which focus on collaboration between PWUD and the broader community, including healthcare providers, law enforcement entities and other government stakeholders to drive referral to, uptake of and retention in Community-Based harm reduction services, including HIV services. These programmes should also involve where possible, PWUD from the community as advisors, outreach workers, peer navigators, treatment-support managers and program evaluators.
  • They are particularly interested in organisations who will provide interventions tailored to women in all their diversity. Most Harm Reduction services fail to address the needs of women and as such women face greater barriers to accessing care. This is especially exacerbated for transgender women and female sex workers due to the additional discrimination they face.
  • They are also looking for partners who will provide comprehensive healthcare including access to Hepatitis C, TB, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), and where relevant, primary healthcare services. In addition, proposals of work that can provide wrap-around support to PWUDs will be considered, including increasing access to income generation, social (including housing) and legal support.
Eligible Projects
  • Your project must focus on scaling up or replicating interventions that are proven to work. It cannot be a new/pilot project.
Work Areas
  • Awareness raising, education campaigns and linking to services for PWUDs:
    • In this work area they are looking for targeted interventions aimed at increasing the knowledge of harm reduction approaches and services amongst PWUDs, including increasing their knowledge of HIV prevention and treatment services and other services that they may benefit from accessing.
    • This can be done through outreach programmes in the community or social media messaging where appropriate. Campaigns can include (but are not limited to) sharing information on safe drug use, highlighting risks of sharing needles, information on overdose management and information on where to access relevant services. Messaging can also focus on ways to prevent HIV, including condom usage and PrEP options, as well as the importance of HIV testing. Messaging aimed at supporting PWUD living with HIV to access HIV care and treatment can also be supported through this funding.
  • The delivery of comprehensive harm reduction services for PWUDs, including services for HIV prevention and care, Hepatitis C, TB, SRH and general health services:
    • Providing a holistic programme of care and interventions is an important aspect of delivering harm reduction services for PWUD. PWUD often require multiple types of care due to co-infections, mental health conditions and/or due to experiencing violence.
  • Creating a supportive and enabling environment through community sensitisation:
    • PWUD often face discrimination and stigma in their communities which impacts their uptake of harm reduction services. Stigma can come from their families, the wider community and the local services they may be seeking. They are looking to support interventions that provide education and awareness on drug use within communities and address the stigma which can adversely impact PWUD’s uptake of harm reduction services. In addition to addressing stigma at a household and community level, they are also looking to fund interventions that educate and establish allies amongst community leaders, such as religious leaders. Education of service providers (e.g., healthcare, social), as well as representatives from law enforcement agencies can also be supported through this funding.
  • Additional support to PWUD:
    • Previous experience has demonstrated that in addition to comprehensive healthcare, PWUD require other support, including access to income generation opportunities, legal advice and social (including housing) support. Positive Action funding can be used to deliver interventions focused on providing additional care and support for PWUD, beyond health-related services.
  • Creating a supportive and enabling environment through advocacy and engagement:
    • Laws, policies and practices can undermine PWUD’s access to harm reduction services. They are seeking to fund interventions that aim to address existing harmful laws, policies and practices at a sub-national and national level.
Eligible Countries
  • Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Positive Action is targeted at supporting communities affected by HIV. Any not-forprofit non-governmental national or Community-Based organisation that represents, or is working with or for, affected communities is eligible to submit a proposal.
  • International non-governmental organisations that can deliver change at a community level through their links with or representation of the communities affected can also apply for this funding.

For more information, visit ViiV Healthcare.

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