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Apply for Nation Rebuilding Program in Canada (2020 – 2021)

Apply for Nation Rebuilding Program in Canada (2020 – 2021)

Deadline: 21 February 2020

Government of Canada is inviting applicants for its Nation Rebuilding Program to support nation rebuilding efforts that will contribute to aggregation, to increase capacity at the larger nation level.

10+ Funders for Agriculture, Food and Nutrition
10+ Global Donors for Improving Lives of Children in Poor Countries
10+ Donors that believe in building NGO capacities for Civil Society Development
15+ Donors for Saving the Planet: Grants for Environment, Conservation and Wildlife
The Government of Canada has committed to a forward-looking and transformative agenda to renew relationships with Indigenous peoples. Indigenous groups are seeking to rebuild their nations in a way that responds to their priorities and the unique needs of their communities.

The provision of this capacity funding will promote:

a re-establishment of Indigenous nations
an increase in the ability of Indigenous nations to take on greater sectoral responsibilities, thereby facilitating a phased-in approach to self-determination and ultimately self-governance
an increase in the sense of unity within Indigenous nations
identification and agreement among member communities on priorities for action and approaches to issues
a reduction in the duplication of the resolution of issues at the individual First Nation or Indigenous community level by working as a collective at the nation-level
Eligible Activities and Expenditures

20+ Donors standing up for Human Rights and Equality
10+ International Donors seeking to improve Access to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
20+ Global Donors for Empowering Women and Girls
25+ Donors for the Empowerment of Youth
Eligible activities are those supporting the program objective and may include but are not limited to:
community engagement and consultation
capacity development training and workshops
advisory committees
gatherings aimed at developing culturally appropriate governance structures and institutions
determination of nation level priorities
discussion of issues and opportunities to rebuild as a nation
constitution development
institutional or leadership capacity building development in support of rebuilding efforts and taking on the exercise of rights, including self-government
research and information gathering (Elder interview, archival research)
other initiatives that foster nationhood
Eligible expenditures include, but are not limited to:
salaries and wages
hardware and software needed for capacity development
administrative costs
supplies and materials
information and training services
travel costs
professional services (for example, speakers, legal advice, coordinators)
event, meeting or workshop costs (for example, rentals, related supplies, logistics)
Eligibility Criteria

Preference will be given to Indigenous nations representing multiple Indigenous communities.
Recipients eligible to receive funding under this program are the following:
Indigenous nations entities (as self-defined and representing nation-based collectivities – could be linked by cultural or linguistic background, geographical area or historical treaty lines)
nation member communities or member organizations on behalf of nation entities
Section 35 rights-bearing Métis entities
national and regional Indigenous organizations
self-governing Indigenous governments
For more information, visit https://www.rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca/eng/1530815582699/1530815652516

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