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Applications Open for Research Environment Links Grants (UK and Turkey)!

Applications Open for Research Environment Links Grants (UK and Turkey)!

Deadline: 17 September 2018

British Council is seeking applications for its Research Environment Links (REL) Grants to support the research and academic environment by international collaboration; training programmes; the exchange of knowledge and best practice and the development and implementation of pilot activities to promote capacity building collaboration shaped by the demands and priorities of Turkey and the UK.

REL grants are designed to provide financial support for capacity building activities proposed by applicant institutions in Turkey working with partner organisations in the UK.  The proposed activities are designed by the Lead Applicant in Turkey with the support of a UK partner organisation.


All REL grants will have the following three overarching objectives:

  • Contribute to the development of systems, processes or structures that build capacity and promote collaboration between the UK and Turkey. The proposal must include a description of how the collaboration and capacity building activities will both contribute to structural change in a particular institution and how these could be relevant at a local/regional/national level. Lead applicants should indicate how they envisage this occurring, including a sustainability plan. For example, when the activities focus on the delivery of training, structured mentoring and cascading activities should always be included in the activity plan.
  • Establish new links or significantly develop existing links in areas relevant to Turkey and the UK. As well as supporting the research and innovation ecosystem between Turkey and the UK, REL should also aim to stimulate longer term links between the institutions and other potential collaborators.
  • Support international development objectives. The capacity building activities are intended to support areas relevant to the economic development and welfare of partner countries.

Grant Information

  • Size of grant: up to £40,000
  • Duration of the grant: up to 12 months

Eligibility Criteria

  • Proposals must fulfil the following criteria in order to be eligible for funding under this Programme:
    • Each proposal must have one Lead Applicant from Turkey and one partner from the UK, submitting one joint application.
    • Individual departments within a single institution can make multiple applications per call provided that the proposed activities and aims are clearly different and that each is led by separate Lead Applicants. Each application by the same department should demonstrate that it will secure matching funds independently from their other proposals.
    • Lead Applicants are limited to one REL application per call.
    • Previous Newton grant holders are encouraged to apply. Applicants that have received Institutional Links or Researcher Links grants in previous years can submit further applications for REL provided the proposed activities are clearly distinct from, or build on, any already funded activity under the Newton Fund.
    • Lead Applicants in Turkey and the UK must be based at one of the following Institutions:
      • A not-for-profit higher education institution with the capacity to undertake high-quality research, including their Technology Transfer Offices.
      • A not-for-profit research organisation with the capacity to undertake high-quality research.
    • The Lead Applicant’s institution in Turkey (the ‘Lead Institution’) must have the capacity to administer the grant.
  • Lead Applicants can include in their proposals Associated Partners (from both Turkey and the UK) affiliated with:
    • Research or higher education institutions
    • Other Education Organisations/Charities/Foundations
    • Not-for-profit organisations (including non-governmental organisations (NGOs))
    • For-profit/commercial organisations, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • For-profit organisations are not eligible to apply as Lead Institutions. Furthermore, for-profit organisations are not eligible to receive any grant funds, except to cover travel-associated costs.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit Research Environment Links Grants.

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