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Applications open for Research and Workplace Innovation Program

Applications open for Research and Workplace Innovation Program


The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is inviting applications for the Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP) to promote and fund projects related to the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses and the treatment and safe return to work (RTW) of injured and ill workers.

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Funding Streams

The RWIP make two core funding streams:

Training and Education funding for instructional programs or activities related to workplace safety and health, injury prevention, safe RTW, and occupational illness; and
Workplace Innovation funding for projects that lead to improvements in health and safety and foster successful rehabilitation, and safe return to productive and meaningful work at a specific Manitoba workplace or workplaces.
Funding Information

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The RWIP makes available $600,000.
A project should be time-limited generally up to a maximum of two years in duration.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Funding under the Training and Education Stream: Applicants must be engaged in occupational health and safety in Manitoba and demonstrate knowledge, expertise, and proficiency in the development and delivery of Training and Education programs. Eligible applicants include qualified educators, trainers, health and safety professionals, healthcare professionals, labor organizations, unions, employers, employer associations, safety groups, industry associations, and research organizations.
Eligibility for Funding under the Workplace Innovation Stream: Manitoba employers or unions, labor organizations, industry associations, safety groups, researchers or consultants working with employers or workers may apply for funding under the Workplace Innovation stream. In addition, projects must be conducted within a specific Manitoba workplace/s.
Preliminary Review of Applications

The WCB will conduct a preliminary review of all submitted applications.
Applications may be screened out if they are incomplete, or the principal applicant(s) / coapplicant(s) have a history of default with RWIP funding.
Applications that pass the WCB’s preliminary review will then be evaluated by the RWIP Evaluation Panel.
If the application does not pass the preliminary review, the principal applicant(s) will be advised in writing that the application will not be up for consideration in the current year’s grants competition.
Evaluation of Applications

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All applications that pass the preliminary review will be evaluated by the RWIP Evaluation Panel using the evaluation criteria established for each funding stream.
The RWIP Evaluation Panel includes WCB Directors, senior staff from Workplace Safety and Health, Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade and Manitoba’s Chief Occupational Medical Officer.
The RWIP Evaluation Panel review and evaluate applications received under both funding streams based on established criteria.
The WCB Board of Directors makes the final decision regarding which applications are awarded funding.
For more information, visit https://www.wcb.mb.ca/research-and-workplace-innovation-program-0

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