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Applications open for Here to Be Grant Program

Applications open for Here to Be Grant Program

Deadline: 28-Jun-24

The lululemon Centre for Social Impact is accepting applications for the Here to Be Grant Program.

Powered by the lululemon Centre for Social Impact, Here to Be is the annual, application-based grant program. Since its inception in 2016, they have invested in community resilience by supporting grassroots organizations that are creating inclusive access to wellbeing practices. Here to Be grant accelerates the work of community-led non-profit organizations around the globe that are advancing the wellbeing of their communities.

Through Here to Be, the goal is to seed and sustain the work of community-led organizations that actively remove barriers to wellbeing in their communities and serve those most impacted by systemic inequities. They aim to provide philanthropic resources to organizations that may not traditionally have access to them and welcome a diverse group of new organizations to the Here to Be community every year.

They understand wellbeing to be a lifetime practice and that individuals and communities need different things in order to experience wellbeing. Given this, organizations funded by the Here to Be grant will take different approaches to this work but are united by their commitment to advancing wellbeing for all.

Here to Be is a one-year grant program. In addition to funding, they provide optional offerings to leaders throughout the grant cycle to support their individual and organizational wellbeing.

At lululemon, the purpose is to elevate human potential by helping people feel their best. They understand that everyone has their own unique definition of wellbeing. For some, it encompasses the holistic idea of mind, body, and soul. For others, it centers around specific factors, like having a sense of community or living in an inviting physical environment. They define wellbeing as a lifetime practice of three core elements. The balance of these three elements support them in feeling the best.

  • Physical Wellbeing: Feeling empowered. I am able to give my body what it needs for health and quality of life.
  • Mental Wellbeing: Feeling emotionally prepared. I am able to handle what life has in store for me.
  • Social Wellbeing: Feeling connected to others. I am a part of something larger than myself and contribute to a supportive community.

They also understand that planetary health is a fundamental condition for the individual and collective wellbeing. As the business grows and the work progresses, they are evolving the definition of wellbeing to explicitly integrate the dependence on a healthy planet.

Funding Information
  • Interested organizations can apply for up to $50,000 USD in operating support, which should not exceed 40% of their operating budget. If selected, the grant will be disbursed through the Donor-Advised Fund at Charities Aid Foundation America (CAF America). Please note that Here to Be grant recipients operating in China Mainland will be funded directly from lululemon China.
Eligibility Criteria
  • They welcome applications from organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • Must be a registered non-profit or charity, or fiscally sponsored by one
    • Must be working to advance wellbeing outcomes through physical, mental, and/or social wellbeing programming
    • Must be community-led, have diverse and representative leadership, and serve populations most impacted by systemic inequity
    • Must be operating in Australia, Canada, China Mainland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, India, Ireland, Japan, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and/or Vietnam
    • Annual budget of less than $2 million USD preferred
  • They do not consider funding requests from:
    • Individuals, groups with religious or political affiliations, or third-party fundraising groups
    • Community clinics or health services that accept direct payment for services in any form, such as insurance or government
    • Primary, secondary, and post-secondary academic institutions, parent-teacher associations, or museums
    • Government entities or registered businesses, including social ventures or impact-minded businesses
    • Organizations that are focused solely on planetary health, rather than at the intersection of environment and wellbeing
    • Organizations that have received Here to Be funding for three consecutive years
    • Organizations with annual operating budgets over $8 million USD
    • Organizations with fewer than three board members or those that have been operating programming for less than one year
  • Additionally, the Here to Be grant cannot be used for:
    • One-time events, retreats, workshops, or sporting events
    • Regranting to organizations or individuals, including in the form of scholarships
    • Incentives for government officials or lobbying
    • Benefits to lululemon or its employees, whether through the purchase of lululemon products, incidental benefits for lululemon volunteers in excess of $50 USD, salary for lululemon employees or Ambassadors, or marketing to promote lululemon’s connection with your organization
    • Interest-bearing accounts, endowments, real estate, or any other similar capital assets
    • Equipment or other capital assets with a combined value of $5,000 USD or more (whether single or multiple items)

For more information, visit lululemon Centre for Social Impact.

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