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American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Public Project Grant Program

American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Public Project Grant Program

Deadline: 15-Sep-2020

The American-Scandinavian Foundation promotes the cultures of the Nordic countries in the United States and American culture in the Nordic countries by encouraging programs that will enhance public appreciation of culture, art, and thought.

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In establishing priorities, the Foundation considers the lasting benefits that may be achieved by any grant, and favors projects where its contribution will complement support from other sources.

Funding Information

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The maximum award amount is $5,000; however, average grants range between $1,000 to $2,000.
ASF does not support:
Capital expenses.
Institutional overhead and other administrative fees.
Underwriting book, periodical or website publication.
Production of commercial CDs or cassettes.
Conference participation or conference registration for individuals. However, general conference expenses such as costs for special invitees/speakers can be supported.
Participation in studio residencies other than those with which ASF already has an ongoing affiliation.
Retroactive funding. Projects cannot begin before the decision announcement date.
Requests for funding are welcome, and should include the following:
ASF Public Projects Grant Application;
Project description, with reference to ASF’s objective, including dates and site of performance or presentation, and the seating capacity of the hall or auditorium;
Project budget, reflecting income and expenses, with the amount requested from ASF specified;
History or background of the organization or institution presenting the proposal, with illustrations of experience in presenting similar projects;
Biographical background of the scholars, artists, and producers involved in the project;
Proper observance of U.S. visa obligations, if the project involves bringing Scandinavian citizens to the U.S.; and
The audience to whom the event is addressed (size, composition), how it is reached (scope of mailings) and a description of publicity strategy.
Eligibility Criteria

ASF’s funding priority has traditionally been to underwrite public programming and defined events. Awards are given to non-profit organizations only. Proof of an organization’s non-profit status (as a 501(c)(3) in the United States or equivalent in Scandinavia) is required.
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