ALIMA recruits 01 Project Administration & Logistics Manager

ALIMA recruits 01 Project Administration & Logistics Manager – W/M


Humanitaire (ONG, Associations, …), Projet/programme de développement

Project Administration & Logistics Manager – South Sudan – W/M
CONTEXT 2019/2020 ALIMA have been present in Raja town and Raja County since the past years. Indeed, since 2017, ALIMA has been implementing (in consortium with SI) different projects in the area (funded by OFDA and GIZ).

 Since 2017, ALIMA aimed at addressing the different health and nutritional needs delivering primary and secondary health and nutrition care for the most vulnerable population. 
ALIMA provides primary and secondary health and nutritional care through mobile clinics and in Deim Zubeir PHCC, and Raja hospital. 
ALIMA also strengthens and improves the capacities of partners in the field. ALIMA is working in close collaboration with AFOD on the management of children under 5 suffering from SAM. 
On the other hand, ALIMA also works in close collaboration with the MoH as some of its health workforces are part of the health team within Raja hospital. In 2019, ALIMA widened its scope of intervention by
 integrating the management of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) activities within Deim Zubeir PHCC and Khor Shamam PHCU.
Aside from its presence in Raja County, ALIMA supports primary health care in Aweil East in close partnership with the MoH (vaccination campaigns). In 2019, ALIMA could scale up its response providing
 primary health care to the most vulnerable population through one mobile clinic and 1 fixed site. ALIMA also responded alongside with the MoH to the abnormal malaria peak from September to November 2019.
 Finally, the organization is also strengthening the capacities of the State and National Rapid Response Team, leading a consortium (with Concern Worldwide and GOAL). 
The projects aim at increasing their response capacities in the scope of the Ebola outbreak in South Sudan, targeting 7 high risk areas.
Position to be based : RAJA– SOUTH SUDAN

    ·        Functional Line Manager : CORH/Log Coordinator
    ·        Responsible for : Administrative Assistant and Logistics Assistant
    ·        Collaborate with : project team and external partners
Main objectives of the Position
The Project Administration & Logistics Manager is the guarantor of rational management of resources and logistical technical support.
        ·        Compliance with the ALIMA rules and procedures decided for the country,
        ·        Good functional organization of resources in his field,
        ·        Monitoring the use of resources (expenditures and commitments),
        ·        Adequacy in number, skills and assignments of administrative HR.
       ·        Objective : The Project Administration Manager is the guarantor of the application of the security rules of the money, the respect of the procedures and the legibility of the expenses on his mission.
       ·        Implementation of procedures : security of money (management of cash, transfers, advances), commitment of expenditure (purchasing procedures, validation and organization of payments, monitoring of regular payments).
        ·        Monitoring of accounting allocations (accounting codes, projects, donor codes).
        ·        Management of the project’s cash registers and banks.
       ·        Accounting registration (own or delegated to an assistant), filing of accounting documents, and carrying out the monthly                 field closing, sending to the capital.
        ·        Receipt of the accounts corrected by the capital, analysis of discrepancies, corrective actions.
Cash management        ·        Objective : To permanently ensure a level of cash flow necessary for the project’s progress.

        ·        Follow-up of bank and cash balances on the project.
        ·        Anticipation of expenses and monthly cash request.
        ·        Proposal of the minimum necessary balances on each cash and bank of the project.
General management of means      ·        Objective : To put in place the necessary elements to monitor the use of material resources.

       ·        Adequate management of structures and vehicles (choice, organization, contracts, stewardship, insurance, …).
       ·        Participation in the development of the procurement framework for his field.
        ·        Collection and analysis of non-budgetary management information (activities, consumption, donations, etc.).
        ·        Creation and analysis of resource management indicators in conjunction with activity managers.
        ·        Maintains the administrative archives of the project.
Budget management      ·        Objective : To translate all the information on means into budget form.

        ·        Collect, for each defined activity, all necessary information concerning activities and resources.
       ·        Participation, under the responsibility of the Finance and HR Coordinator and the Project Coordinator, in the preparation of the budget and the allocation table by donors.
      ·        Analysis, in conjunction with the Project Coordinator, of general and specific monthly budget monitoring (analytical axes), possible alerts, proposals for corrective action, and reporting to the Finance and HR Coordinator.
Administrative management of national staff     ·        Objective : To ensure compliance with the administrative rules for the management of national staff and to ensure that these rules are integrated and respected by all.

       ·        Monitoring and updating of pay and personnel files.
       ·        Monitoring of staff attendance and absence.
       ·        Preparation of payroll and balances of all accounts.
       ·        Follow-up of holidays, their planning and implementation in conjunction with those responsible for activities.
       ·        Ensures the legality of personnel management at the project.
Qualitative personnel management   ·        Team composition

       ·        Updates organization charts.
       ·        Assists in the development of job descriptions and ensures that they are kept up to date.
       ·        Ensures compliance with HR Set Up
       ·   Updates the monitoring of the project’s frameworks and has it validated at the project level before sending it to the Coordination.
       ·        Individual assessments and POPs
       ·        Plans the balance sheets and POPs
       ·        Provides the teams with the necessary documents for the realization of the balance sheets and balance sheets.
       ·        Internal communication and staff representation
       ·        Disseminates information to staff on the association and the mission.
        ·        Organizes staff meetings.
        ·        Monitors relations with staff delegates
        ·        Organizes regular meetings with staff representatives.
        ·        Recruitment
        ·        Organises in support of Activity Managers during recruitment (advertisements, process, interview, etc.)
        ·        Ensures compliance with the recruitment procedure.
ON LOGISTICS FIELD  ·        Assist the Project Coordinator in defining and monitoring project logistics activities, together with other medical project managers to identify and respond to the needs of the target population in terms of construction, transport, communication, water and sanitation, and other aspects. In addition, provide solutions to the maintenance and supply needs for medical facilities (temporary shelter, lighting, heating, equipment and consumables) as well as ALIMA housing and field offices.

         ·        Ensuring the implementation of policies and the use of the most appropriate techniques, tools and equipment.
Logistics   ·        Supervise the supported structures and the timely execution of all preventive or curative maintenance operations in order to efficiently manage all ALIMA equipment in such a way as to guarantee its good working and use condition. Supervise and train the teams of drivers, mechanics and other personnel involved in the management of the vehicle fleet in order to guarantee their operational capacities;

        ·        Ensure the construction/rehabilitation works and the installation and maintenance of electrical/energy equipment and means of communication (radio, VSAT, Thuraya);
         ·        Is responsible for the management of premises and equipment on the basis of contracts, repairs, maintenance.
         ·        In collaboration with the project coordinator, participates in the implementation of applied security.
         ·        Organises a logistical and applied security briefing for newcomers.
         ·        Participates « in the action plan » of the project
         ·        Participates in the mini MAP and the MAP of the project
Procurement ·        Is responsible for the smooth running of the Project’s logistics supply chain in accordance with the requirements of the donors and the supply line guide of the joint ALIMA project.

       ·        In collaboration with the Project Coordinator, the logistics and financial team, he/she defines a procurement policy and ensures the supply in time and quality.
         ·        Validate and follow up on all national orders issued for his project.
         ·        Ensure the proper management of the project’s stocks.
         ·        Ensure that the material is stored in secure locations.
         ·        Ensure that prices are updated according to his/her supplier price list.
         ·        Ensure that orders are validated by the departments concerned.
         ·        Proceed to the validation of the invoices related to the various orders of the project.
         ·        Ensure the good qualitative and quantitative distribution of meals to the patients and their companions.
         ·        In close collaboration with the Finance Department, anticipate the payment of the service contracts for which it is responsible.
Water – Hygiene and Sanitation   ·        Ensure the availability of drinking water in quality and quantity and that sanitation facilities have sufficient handwashing points.

        ·        Ensure the security of waste areas, waste transportation
        ·        Distribution of hygiene materials and products to all the facilities supported
Fleet management and generator ·        Ensure the renewal of the fleet of vehicles and generators and its assignment after the relevant analysis of the mission’s needs.

      ·        Ensure that all vehicles are in order administratively: valid driving licence for all drivers, vehicle registration document, insurance, sticker, technical inspection, etc.
Inventories, Maintenance and Repairs of equipment    ·        Ensure that quarterly inventories of investment equipment are kept in Marmota and monthly inventories of consumables.

          ·        Is in charge of the good follow-up of the maintenance and repairs of the car fleet, generator, computer assets.
          ·        Ensure the proper use of logbooks and maintenance follow-up sheets. And if necessary, organizes training courses.
          ·        Ensure that each vehicle meets the requirements of the vehicle check list.
Logistics human resources management
       ·        Participate in planning in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator, Project Coordinator and HR Coordinator and implement HR related processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, assessment, potential identification, development and communication) of project logistics staff to ensure the assessment and the amount of knowledge required to properly carry out all logistics activities.
          ·        Ensure the technical reference for all logistic/technical issues of the project and provide coaching to the logistics staff under its responsibility.
          ·        Update/write logistics job profiles
          ·        Organize a weekly meeting of the logistics department
          ·        Evaluate the staff under its responsibility
Security management·        Implement and monitor the project’s risk reduction policy, transport, communication, protection, identification and preparation of the technical aspects of the safety policy and project guidelines.

          ·        ✓ Risk analysis 
          ·        ✓ Safety Guide 
          ·        ✓ Motion tracking 
          ·        ✓ Evacuation and contingency plan, 
          ·        ✓ Daily monitoring of the application of security rules 
          ·        ✓ Update the Logbook
          ·        Ensure that all project personnel are informed about the use of communication tools (Thuraya, HF/VHF, etc).
         ·        Report any problems that may arise to the Project Coordinator. To this end, the Project Logistics Manager will be responsible for creating an environment conducive to facilitating the secure exchange of information.
Reporting and administrative filing      ·        Write a monthly logistics report (sitrep).

           ·        Write an annual project report
           ·        Organize a clear filing and archiving of all documentation concerning regional logistics

ESSENTIAL:      ·         Diploma: A university degree in the field of finance, management or human resources, or equivalent
    ·        Two years’ experience administration and logistics management
  ·    Strong experience, skills, competence in Budget management, Accounting management
      ·        Essential computer literacy (word, excel & internet).
      ·        .Strong analytic and strategic vision ability
      ·        Well organized with good negotiation and communication skill
      ·        Good team player
      ·        Interpersonal skills
      ·        Sensitive to gender and diversity
     ·      Ability to work under pressure, to manage stress easily and result oriented
   ·    Can work and create teamwork, flexible, and committed to the assigned position
   ·    Interest in and commitment to ALIMA’s activities, enthusiasm to represent the organization to others, to travel to different regions of South Sudan
     ·        Languages: English compulsory,
DESIRABLE  ·        Knowledge of SAGA and HOMERE is an asset

   ·     Previous experience with ALIMA or other NGO’s in developing countries is desirable
     ·        Arabic is an asset
     ·        French is an asset.
CONDITIONSContract term: Fixed Term Contract under French law, 6 months renewable. 

Salary: Very competitive package depending on experience + per diem
ALIMA pays for:  ·     travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location

      ·          accommodation costs
     ·        medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee
      ·        evacuation of the employee
HOW TO APPLY: To apply, please send your CV and Motivation Letter  to our job page before 31/08/2020

Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful.
Only full applications (CV + Motivation letter in PDF) will be taken into account.POSTULER

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