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Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program

Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program

Deadline: 15-Jun-23

Animal-Kind International has launched the Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program.


Animal-Kind International is a US-based organization that raises funds for Animal Welfare, Rescue, and Protection Organizations in resource-poor countries.

They support their Partner Organizations and their funding typically covers the costs to operate shelters/sanctuaries for cats and dogs, community animal care clinics, street cat and dog care, spay/neuter programs, programs for working and abandoned donkeys and horses, and humane education in schools and communities.

AKI’s 2023 Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program, AKI’s 6th annual grant program, is intended to assist worthy Africa-based organizations, beyond their Partner Organizations, capable of implementing high impact projects aimed at improving the lives of domestic animals.

Funding Information
  • For those who have not received an AKI grant previously, the ceiling is US$2000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • AKI will only consider funding for:
    • Projects that benefit cats, dogs, donkeys, and/or horses (secondarily, they will consider projects that benefit cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, and pigs).
    • Existing organizations based in Africa that have been operating in the animal welfare sector for at least three years and whose main goal is to improve the lives of domestic animals in their community, is eligible to apply. 
    • Organizations that are currently and actively engaged in their communities to improve the lives of animals.
    • Projects that can be completed within six months of receipt of funds.
    • Projects that demonstrate sustainability and that give assurance the efforts will continue beyond the grant period.
    • They should be registered in their country of operation as an NGO, charity, non-profit or similar organization.
  • Universities, churches, church groups, and organizations are not eligible.
Ineligibility Criteria
  • They will not provide funding for:
    • Website development
    • Capacity building, professional development, or workshops for staff
    • debt reduction
    • Political activities
    • Religious activities that do not directly benefit animals
    • The grantee’s administrative costs, such as reporting, monitoring, audits, and salaries for administrative staff

For more information, visit Animal-Kind International.

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