ACTED recruits 01 Country Information Systems Manager – Amman, Jordan

ACTED recruits 01 Country Information Systems Manager – Amman, Jordan

Fixed term | 12 months | ASAP


Since 1993, as an international non-governmental organization, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. ACTED endeavors to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society worldwide by investing in people and their potential.

We go the last mile: ACTED’s mission is to save lives and support people in meeting their needs in hard-to-reach areas. With a team of 5,900 national staff and 400 international staff, ACTED is active in 38 countries and implements more than 500 projects a year, reaching over 20 million beneficiaries.

You will be in charge of:

1. Digital Transformation project management

The CISM works closely with Legal Counsel and ACTED departments in-country as well as the HQ ISM department to identify and mitigate risks specific to the local context. The CISM reviews current system applications, analyses trends in the sector, leads the design and management of projects to enhance the Information Systems and IT infrastructure of the country mission in close coordination with the HQ ISM department.
Leverage and lead the continuous development, deployment of the deployed collaboration tools, ensure further adoption of the products, moving any areas not currently implemented to transverse existing ACTED processed into more efficient business processes, ensuring compliance with ACTED standards and Donor regulations.
In line with ACTED’s global Digital Transformation strategy, the CISM contributes to the implementation of tools identified and designed by the HQ ISM department for hardware and software, and/or leads in-house information systems development, defines their scope and estimates staffing & financial requirements, defines programming standards and documentation requirements, and approves project schedules and scope changes for validation by the HQ ISM Director.
The CISM provides insight and technological innovation in the design of operational activities, budget, Project Initiation, business analysis, process engineering and project management. The CISM acts as Information Systems and IT focal point for project follow-up, actively participating in country-level coordination meetings by reporting on progress and risks.
Working with the IT Trainer and other IT Teams members oversee the organizing of regular training & refreshers about ACTED IT procedures and policies, Cyber Awareness training, and the adoption of technologies by demonstrating key features that will streamline workloads for staff.

2. Data storage archive and disaster recovery

Building on the transition and migration to the new document storage platform, ensure the mission’s moves all data to the new platform, utilising best practice for data security and sharing.
Continue the archiving work of the Mission, at both HQ level for audit, and at mission level to minimise storage costs, ensure ACTED archive data, and remain complaint within GDPR/Data Protection and donor retention rules.
Continue building, updating, creating Disaster recovery procedures and policies to ensure the missions’ data is safe from attack or compromise. Ensure the mission can be operational in the shortest time possible following any attack and ensuring the disaster recovery plan is kept up-to-date on the priorities of recovery against staff and data. Continuous training of IT Staff, and SMT to facilitate and co-ordinate the response.
Support the creation, updating of sharing data securely, data retention policies and working with audit to audit the departments data and raising issue when identified, and making recommendations for remedy.
Carry out regular spot-checks on electronic and physical, storage of data, archiving, backup/recovery testing and take preventative actions to ensure availability of 100% of the documentation.
Work with the CD, HQ ISM and rest of SMT team on the quality of data entry and control tags and the enforcement of file naming conventions, storage & indexation systems prior to archiving;
Contribute to developing and maintaining all country-specific database such as: supplier, assets, stock, etc.
In collaboration with other departments, contribute to define KPIs, and help them build reports with data visualisation.
Ensure all systems used for the storage and collection of data are fully complaint with ACTED and Data Protection laws, ensuring that staff and beneficiary data is secure, and the privacy is respected of these individuals.

3. IT Systems management
Working with the CITSM to review and assess the IT Support Systems, ensuring deployment, management, and maintenance of endpoints and IT Infrastructure.
Maintain a reliable, efficient, and adaptable infrastructure for the mission.based on authentication, integration, security policies and profiles
Assess gaps in systems and identify solutions that provide additional support, or automation to the mission, identify ROI and efficiency.
Work withthe CITSM, SMT and HQ ISM in the design, development, and deployment of IT solutions across the mission, in line with the digital transformation strategy, the country IT Strategy and donors’ requirements.
Ensure standard IT systems and tools are routinely used in all operational areas and make regular recommendations for improvements to CD and HQ ISM department.
Advise on the ITC equipment and services’ standards in all operational areas to provide value for money, equipment fit for purpose and ensure security of the IT Systems.
Ensure the IT aspects of ACTED’s logistics manual is applied in all areas
Work with the IT Trainer to improve IT knowledge in all departments.

4. Business and Program Systems
Work and lead with Support departments on the implementation/development of internal systems to drive efficiency and automation across ACTED process whilst digitising these process and documentation.
Work and lead with Program and filed teams on solutions to help streamline, improve systems in the field to help improve project deliverables, improve project performance and beneficiary satisfaction levels
Be the champion of digital transformation across the mission, working with other members of the IT Teams to look for opportunities of digitisation, automation.

5. Cybersecurity Management

Audit and identify security bridge and risks on the IT systems.Report promptly any suspected cybersecurity incident and/or data breach to HQ ISM department
Implement local incident response coordination with SMT and HQ ISM department and ensure follow-up on long-term remediation actions
Contribute to all investigations about cyber-fraud & cyber-attacks when required by HQ ISM department
Lead the disaster recovery planning for the mission, documenting data, locations, sensitivity and operationally scoring data and systems against operation impact on systems or data loss.
Oversee the Cyber Awareness training building a culture of awareness and the risks of attack to the mission and ACTED faces.
Continuous development of the GDPR, date security awareness, ensuring staff understand the operational, financial and repetitional risks are known

6. Reporting and Inventory

Bear overall responsibility for the IT reporting in close collaboration with CLM:
Ensure IT Inventory reporting of the estate, to produce strategic plans for proactive replacements, planning for stock of replacement parts and proactive upgrades
Reporting of Software installed, versions, builds and patching of systems to ensure the infrastructure and endpoint are connately up to date for Antivirus/Security software, Application Updates and O/S Updates
Reporting on IT Services desk on SLA/SLO, proactive reporting of recurring issues to identify replacements, reporting of category of issues for proactive training and upskilling of staff.
Work with CITSM and CLM distributed ownership of stock and Logistics reporting.

7. IT Procurement
Work with the IT Procurement and Admin officer to ensure fair and compliant procurement processes for IT Assets
Plan software subscriptions and licensing plans, including new and annual renewals
Direct the CITSM on the IT Hardware replacement schemes, and incorporate into procurement plans, such as desktop replacements, and infrastructure replacements.
Lead with CITSM, and IT Team on procurement standards for laptops, desktops, and tablets

8. IT Staffing Management

The CISM continually updates staffing plans based on technologies, skill gaps, and resources gaps ensuring continuity of the service and incorporates feedback from CITSM
Lead and delegate on the various stages of recruitment for IT Support Staff across the mission
Plan & conduct IT staff appraisals; identify IT staff with potential for internal mobility.

9. Mobility
Carry out occasional support visits to all operational areas (if the security situation allows). On occasion, with prior approval of the Country Director (CD) and HQ, the CISM may be required to undertake regional travel to other ACTED missions.

Expériences / Formation

  • Knowledge of relevant software development project management methodology and frameworks such as Prince 2
  • Working knowledge of GDPR and data protection
  • 3 years’ experience in managing a technical team
  • Cyber/IT security risk mitigation strategies. Proven experience in development of multi-layered security
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 technologies
  • Experienced in modern cloud security strategies, including Conditional Access.
  • Experience in working with internal development teams, and external development companies for large scale applications/systems with database backends
  • Knowledge of Power App and Power Automate planform for internal development of low code applications and business workflow automation and approvals.
  • Business Analysis, process engineering, design, and documentation
  • Experience in IT Service Desk standards/frameworks such as ITIL
  • Excellent communication skills including proficiency in English language
  • Ability to work independently, demonstrating creativity and good problem solving skills while following strict procedures, supporting multiple projects, priorities, and locations is essential


  • Salary defined by the ACTED salary grid depending on education level, expertise, security level and experience
  • Living allowance of 300 USD
  • Lodging and food provided in the ACTED Guesthouse / or housing allowance (depending on the contract lenght and country of assignement)
  • Flight tickets in and out + Visa taken in charge by ACTED
  • Provision of medical and repatriation insurances

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