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ACGF recruits 01 Financial Structuring and Modelling Specialist

ACGF recruits 01 Financial Structuring and Modelling Specialist (H/F)

The ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF) is an innovative financing initiative under the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund’s (AIF) “Green and Inclusive Infrastructure Window”. It was launched in April 2019 to accelerate green infrastructure investments in Southeast Asia. The ACGF provides ASEAN member governments with technical assistance and access to over $1 billion in loans from co-financing partners. The ACGF’s technical assistance supports governments to identify and prepare commercially viable green infrastructure projects while the ACGF loans are utilized to cover upfront capital investment costs. This two-pronged approach “de-risks” green infrastructure projects, making them more attractive to private capital investors. The ACGF is owned by ASEAN countries and ADB, and is managed by ADB.

An ACGF Project Structuring Team (PST) has been created to support ADB in the management of the ACGF, based within ADB’s Southeast Asia Department. The role of the PST is to (i) originate projects and develop a pipeline for ACGF funding, (ii) provide support to structure projects and identify financing partners, (iii) screen and prioritize projects for review by the AIF Board and ACGF co-financing partners, (iv) provide support to develop green frameworks and targets for projects, (v) report on results framework, (vi) coordinate ACGF Partners Group meetings and discussions, (vii) design and implement ACGF knowledge and awareness raising activities and organize annual investor roundtable meetings, and (viii) support ACGF fundraising efforts.

Role and Tasks

A Financial Structuring and Modelling Specialist (International) will support the PST to  develop financial models and conduct financial analyses for projects, undertake project origination and pipeline development, and contribute to new concepts and models on innovative finance. The Specialist will be based within the ACGF PST in Manila, on a full-time basis, and will include travel within Southeast Asia and elsewhere, as needed.

Key tasks will include:

  • Undertaking consultations with ACGF PST, ADB staff, international sector experts from co-financing partners, and government agencies to identify sector or thematic priority areas that need an innovative financing approach;
  • Engaging with government agencies, project sponsors, commercial banks and other private sector stakeholders to identify project opportunities and financing needs;
  • Developing innovative finance approaches (project level models or portfolio level mechanisms; to include leveraged finance as well as green/environment sustainability parameters) for identified priority areas based on global examples with a localized context, as pitch documents;
  • Developing financial models and analyses for ACGF pipeline projects to understand bankability / financial sustainability and potential to mobilize private finance.
  • Developing and manage roundtables, with ACGF PST support and potential co-financing partners, to build knowledge and capacity of government officials on the suggested innovative finance approaches.


The experts for this assignment should have an advanced degree either in finance, engineering, economics, or any relevant field; with at least 10 years of experience on structured and/or infrastructure finance in developed and developing economies, preferably with experience with development finance institutions. Knowledge of climate change / green finance issues, and previous work experience in Southeast Asia would be an advantage. Excellent English proficiency (reading, writing and speaking) is mandatory.


The term for a Financial Structuring and Modelling Specialist position is 2 years.

**Important consideration for security & health measures context of The Philippines due to Covid-19 pandemic

On-site work in Manila planned for early January 2021, subject to conditions related to the health situation in the Philippines.  

Also, since the selected candidate shall be working closely with the PST unit housed in ADB premise(s) in Manilla, his/her working conditions including travelling restrictions shall be similar to those of ADB’s current measures in Manilla that may include remote working, avoiding public commuting etc.

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