General description of the position

You will have the responsibility to ensure the safety of Action  contre la Faim (ACF) in Afghanistan, under the supervision of the Country  Director, and you will provide an enabling security environment to allow  ACF teams to be at the cutting edge of operational implementation in Afghanistan.


Main responsabilities

Define and implement ACF security management system: you  will collect and analyze the security and political context by  supporting the team in the field and sharing the analysis with the  coordination team, the regional security advisor and the regional  director. You will also alert on changes of context and establish likely  forthcoming scenarios. You will contribute with the writing process of  the security plan and design the contingency plans for the mission. You  will be responsible for ensuring the dissemination of security plans by  monitoring the implementation of the plans. You will evaluate the  operational management of security and you will provide appropriate  support to the logistics department.

Design ACF humanitarian access strategy: design,  write and keep updated the humanitarian access strategy and make sure  it is on line the program implementation strategy and security  protocols. You will participate in negotiations on humanitarian access  and you will be in charge of establishing a strong network with external  stakeholders.

Train and make ACF staff aware of security environment, procedures and rules: build awareness plan on context and security for ACF teams. You will  ensure a briefing plan for every new ACF employee, international staff  and visitors. You will ensure that regular awareness sessions for all  staff are completed (situation updates, security rules and procedures).

Manage the security team: management of the national security manager & access and functional management of the security team in the different bases including capacity building, clarification of roles and responsibilities.


Do you fit the requested profile ?

You have previous experience in security management in hostile/insecure environnement (which is mandatory) as well as  experience in security in INGO. You must have an expertise in current safety and security practices and issues affecting aid work globally.

You have the ability to adapt to needs between operations and security while maintaining appropriate contextual NGO security advice and  coordination.

You  have experience working in a multi-cultural environment with comprehensive knowledge of the context and challenges of operating in Afghanistan. You are  known for your  diplomatic and sensitive to cross cultural issues, your capacity to work under pressure and your creativity.

You are  known for your analytical skills on security issues (risk/threat  assessment, management, awareness, training, etc.) and your reporting  skills (incidents, compilation of security, assessments, written  reports, etc.).

You have good understanding of the ACF mandate and you will be willing to commit to ACF’s aims and principles, as well as commit to ACF’s code if conduct.

You are fluent in English (written and spoken) is mandatory and Dari or Pashto will be a plus.


Specific conditions / Salary

Contract: 6 months fixed term contract under French legislation – Starting as soon as possible

Salary and profits:

  • Monthly gross salary from 1 805 € to 2 305 € (upon experience)
  • Per diem and living allowance: 383€ net  – paid in cash in the field
  • + 12 % of monthly gross salary as country allowance
  • + 16% of monthly gross salary as reimbursement of retirement insurance for non-French citizen.

Transportation and accommodation:

  • Coverage of transportation costs to and in the mission.
  • Individual room in guesthouse covered

 Medical coverage100% coverage of medical expenses + repatriation insurance.

 Leaves and RnR

  • 25 days of paid leaves per year.
  • + 20 RnR per year.
  • + 215 € at each RnR period (every 10 weeks).
  • Coverage of the transportation expenses to the RnR area of reference.

 Training: Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Cross knowledge ©.


Work context

Presentation of the country: As a politically fragmented, natural disaster-prone nation, Afghanistan has long faced levels of chronic insecurity, internal displacement, and  widespread poverty that has subjected its populations to ongoing  hardships and recurring humanitarian crises. Communities remain food  insecure for a range of reasons, from the cumulative impacts of multiple  droughts, erratic climate shocks and seasonal flooding, a lack of  infrastructure and limited access to markets. Although education and  health have improved in urban areas, rural populations remain largely  vulnerable to maternal and perinatal mortality and infant mortality and  diseases, malnutrition being a major concern.

Presentation of the mission: In  2017, ACF implemented several integrated project in Nutrition and  Health, WASH, FSL and MHCP responding to the needs of the most  vulnerable in Helmand, Ghor and Kabul. Moreover, ACF extended its ERM  approach into more provinces such as Helmand, Ghor, Daykundi, Nimroz and  Bamyan. In Kabul, ACF focused its activities in Kabul  Informal Settlements through a WASH and Nutrition project and in 26  Health Facilities via a Nutrition project, both aiming to reduce Acute  Malnutrition. In Ghor, ACF secured an integrated  long-term project to implement Nutrition, WASH and MHCP activities to  prevent mother and child mortality and morbidity. In Helmand,  ACF implemented three integrated projects in WASH and Nutrition, one  also including MHCP. In November 2017, a new integrated project with  Nutrition, FSL, WASH and MHCP activities targeting 47,881 beneficiaries  (without double counting) started to be implemented.

Security, working and living conditions: ACF is operationally working in 3 bases: Kaboul, Helmand and Ghor with  its coordination team located in Kaboul. In total, the Afghanistan  mission counts 400 national staff and 15 international staff. Kaboul has  a very cold winter (a cold allowance will be given if you work during  this period), spring and autumn are very nice and summer is pretty hot.  The expatriates share a guest house with internet, electricity, TV room,  indoor sports room and garden including a badminton and volleyball  field. A variety of restaurants, supermarkets and grocery shops where  you can have access depending on security rules and situation. The  context is highly volatile in Kaboul and security conditions can change  very quickly. Thus, the movements are limited, walking outside is often   forbidden and a curfew is strictly imposed.

Ville Kaboul
Experience 3 à 5 ans
Fonctions Autre
Secteurs d’activité Autre
Pays Asie, Afghanistan
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Date de fin de validité 30/06/2019

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