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ACF recruits 01 Consultant-Global Policy Project

ACF recruits 01 Consultant-Global Policy Project

Contractor Requirements

Proven Ability and Skills:
• Essential: Excellent research and analytical skills
• Essential: Excellent written communication skills
• Essential: Fluency in English, with French desirable or being part of a
team where at least one other colleague is fluent in French
• Essential: Experience with fund raising and donor management.
Personal Competence:
• Awareness of and sensitivity to the multi-cultural and diverse
environment in which IPPFARO operates.
• Integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times
• Understanding of and a commitment to safeguarding including child
protection, in a local and international context
• Supportive of a woman’s right to choose and to have access to safe
abortion services
The role is virtual, but someone based in Johannesburg, South Africa would
be desirable, so as to be able to conduct face-to-face meetings where

Expériences / Formation


Overview of IPPF
The International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Regional Office
(IPPFARO) is one of the leading providers of quality sexual and
reproductive health (SRH) services in Africa, and a prominent sexual and
reproductive health and rights (SRHR) advocacy voice in the region. We
remain committed to gender equality and to ensuring that women, girls, and
young people realize their rights and have control over their own bodies,
their lives, and their futures. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, IPPFARO
delivers its critical mission with the support and leadership of 33 Member
Associations (MAs), 9 Collaborative Partners, youth advocates, staff, and a
network of dedicated volunteers who provide high quality, youth focused
and gender sensitive services to those who are most vulnerable and
marginalized. In 2020 alone, the MAs provided >10.5 million sexual and
reproductive health and rights services. Further details can be found
here: IPPFAR Factsheet 2021 English.pdf
Overview of the engagement
IPPF is committed to advocating for the SRHR of all. Yet a multitude of
barriers still exists, resulting in shocking data on health outcomes: 220
million women who want to avoid pregnancy do not have access to modern
contraception; 25 million have an unsafe abortion every year; and one in
three experiences sexual violence at some point in their lives. Conservative
and more organized opposition, backed up by populist political leaders and
regressive policies, increasingly present a threat to the realization of SRHR
and gender equality. Governments worldwide have signed numerous
international political commitments that clearly state that everyone must
have access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. However, these
aspirations are far from being translated into urgent action.
IPPFAR, with the support from the Guttmacher Institute, will incorporate
and spearhead interventions that aim to advance SRHR, particularly the
popularisation and adoption of recommendations of the Guttmacher-Lancet
Commission (GLC) on SRHR in regional and national policy instruments.
The GLC report published in May 2018 succinctly articulates a bold,
comprehensive, evidence-based, and actionable agenda for SRHR
priorities globally. The report came at a time when advancement of SRHR
was hindered by weak political commitment, inadequate resources,
persistent discrimination against women, girls and marginalized people and
an unwillingness to address issues related to sexuality openly and


To this effect, IPPFAR is looking to recruit a short-term consultant to
undertake a mapping exercise/stock-take and engage with key regional
and national actors in Sub-Saharan Africa to identify progress made
towards the commitments outlined within key regional policy documents,
e.g., Maputo Plan of Action, SADC SRHR Regional Strategy 2019-2030
and identify key entry points to expand/revise regional policy documents
to include, where possible, comprehensive GLC recommendations


This will include:
– Conducting a quick scan of existing regional policies and
documents across Africa, to understand the definition of SRHR
used and alignment, if any, with the GLC definition and
recommendations, noting any gaps
– Holding meetings with select regional and national organisations
with the view of understanding and documenting the key SRHR
actors, progress made and identify potential entry points to include
and advance GLC recommendations
– Compiling a detailed report presenting the findings from the above,
in particular key entry points, with a provisional timeline, for
increased SRHR advocacy that would include the promotion of the
GLC definition and recommendations across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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