ACF recruits 01 Cash Technical Coordinator

ACF recruits 01 Cash Technical Coordinator


Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit organization created in 1979. Its goal is to combat hunger and dangerous situations that threaten men, women and children. Currently 500 expats and more than 5,000 employees are working for Action Against Hunger in more than forty-six countries working in projects concerning four areas of focus: nutrition, health, food security and water and sanitation.


The Cash for Urban Assistance Consortium (CUA) is a strong partnership between three international organisations, Action Against Hunger (AAH) as the leading party of this project, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Danish Refugee Council (DRC), that unite their experience to deliver effective cash assistance to support high vulnerable people in Colombia, including Venezuelan migrants, Colombians returning from Venezuela and host community members in Colombian territory.

The CUA Consortium requires strong leadership and in order to operate effectively and deliver cash assistance in response to the impact of the Venezuela situation.

The purpose of Cash Technical Coordinator the role is to provide technical support during the development of the activities within the Consortium Programme, including day to day oversight that technical quality is being ensured within every sector. Under the strategic direction of the Consortium Project Director this position will provide ongoing support and capacity development to technical staff members. The Cash Technical Coordinator will oversee the programme planning, procurement, reporting and the oversight of programme implementation. S/he will ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and followed by partners, and cross-checking all documentation ensuring compliance with donor and Consortium requirements.


Objective 1: Assures the quality in the implementation of those actions under its responsibility.


  • To oversee the implementation of project activities, ensuring that activities are delivered on time, on budget and in compliance with donor regulations.
  • Prepares monthly report of activities + review of planning and follow-up of activities.
  • Liaise with partners to ensure that operating procedures and financial monitoring systems for cash transfers are complied with.
  • Develops and monitors the achievement of results and objectives (baseline using indicators established in the planning matrix)
  • Plans, coordinates, monitors and provides technical assistance for the implementation of activities
  • It participates in the elaboration of documents that are necessary in the framework of the implementation.
  • Ensuring that the action is implemented in a timely and coordinated manner.
  • Support design and organization required for assessments, baselines and evaluations, including roll-out of market and vendor assessments.
  • Work with partners to in the implementation of programme design.
  • Undertake regular review of partner progress against the budget and workplan and supporting partners to alter activities/strategies in light of context changes or operational challenges.
  • Ensure that the payment system to vendors is clear, in place, and done in a timely manner, including checking the required documents are complete for timely payment processing.
  • Verify partners expenditure reports and provide support to partners as and when required.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments to ensure effective support to the Partners.
  • Support the development of staff and partner staff skills to implement appropriate responses.
  • Work with MEAL Manager to ensure appropriate, timely and accurate data collection against agreed indicators to enable both internal and external reporting.
  • Provide support to cash transfer and distribution monitoring.
  • Support technical and M&E staff in effective and technically appropriate project planning, strategy development and implementation against agreed work plans, ensuring projects represent effective strategies and innovative approaches based on evidence.
  • Provide intense, on-going support, supervision and technical guidance.
  • Conduct regular technical support, M&E and quality control visits to project sites to improve performance and quality of project implementation.
  • Ensure robust monitoring and evaluation of programmes, working with the M&E Officers in place.
  • Ensure technical compliance and adherence to quality assurance standards and policies/guidelines.
  • Conducting regular field visits to support the implementation of project sand ensure that the monitoring and evaluation systems are operational.
  • Support design and organization required for assessments, baselines and evaluations, including roll-out of market and vendor assessments.
  • Providing technical support to all Members.
  • To ensure the programme is implemented in ways responsive to communities, partners and children in line with the Consortium principles, values and strategic plan and compliant with procedures.
  • Monitor programme spend, assisting with the monthly budget forecasts.

Objective 2: Human Resources Management under their charge.


  • Prepares, revises and adapts job descriptions of team members.
  • Plans and leads, in coordination with the CD and the HR Department the processes of recruitment of staff.
  • Prepares and inducts new staff.
  • Responsible for the periodic evaluation of staff performance.
  • Organizes, motivate, and follows up on priorities of staff.
  • Coordinates, reviews and comments on reports from staff.

Objective 3: Logistic, administrative, financial, accounting and treasury management under its responsibility.


  • Coordinates and validates budget planning.
  • Supervises the preparation of expenditure forecasts.
  • Monitors and validates expenditure and budget execution. Work closely with the Cash Consortium Finance Coordinator, AAH finance and AAH HQ to ensure timely financial reporting on behalf of the Consortium.
  • Follows and validates the purchase processes that are carried out.
  • Supervises treasury management (bank accounts and cash) of the project according to the accounting criteria of the donor, AHH and Colombian legislation.
  • It monitors and validates accounting information.
  • Monitoring the evolution of the context, the impact on implementation and activity progress – including progress on expenditure rate.
  • Coordinates, monitors and supervises logistical management of the project.
  • Ensures and complies with AHH’s logistical rules and procedures.

Objective 4: External relations.


  • Develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders (authorities, local and international organisations).
  • Participate in meetings and forums in external representation of the consortium with different stakeholders.
  • Coordinates, supervises and maintains relationships with counterparties or subcontractors.
  • Identifies and implements partner capacity studies.
  • Gather implementation experience and experience on the most appropriate methodologies for the transfer of cash support to beneficiaries, working with beneficiaries, vendors, the Programme team and the Working Group and the Cash Collaborative Delivery (CCD) Group.
  • Participation on humanitarian coordination structures and ensure that consortium is well represented (Cash Working Group, Group Inter-Agencies OIM/ACNUR (GIFMM), Colombian authorities and others as requested).

Objective 5: Security management.

As head of security for AAH at the project where it works by delegation from the CD, lead the management of security at the activities to facilitate access to populations and intervention areas in the safest possible way for the organization’s teams.


  • Respect the security rules specified in the mission, ensure compliance with the plan by the team and perform the security management tasks that may be assigned in their protocols.
  • Ensures compliance by all staff and others under the responsibility of AAH with the organization’s security policies, applying the disciplinary measures of the internal regulations in the event of non-compliance.
  • Informs the Logistics Coordination and CD of the security situation and incidents and prepares incident or security situation notes.
  • Permanently monitors and analyses the security situation.

Objective 6: Others.


  • Ensuring that each partner puts in place its own beneficiary feedback mechanism for all sectors, locations, partners, and activities and commits with Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) requirements and implementation plan.
  • Monitoring the evolution of the context, the impact on implementation and activity progress – including progress on expenditure rate.
Ville Bogota
Expériences / Formation du candidat Training

  • Professional university studies in areas of economic and/or administrative sciences.
  • Postgraduate study in international relations, international cooperation and development, political science preferred.

Specific technical knowledge

  • Knowledge of the variables to consider in the development of CASH, livelihoods and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management.
  • Ability to analyse data, evaluate options, and to think, plan and execute intended actions in a timely manner.
  • Experience and capacity to work with different population groups and key actors at the territorial level;
  • Development of community relations and actions.
  • Knowledge of community work methodologies and tools.
  • Desirable specialization in community development issues/interventions in social needs/humanitarian aid/affinities.
  • Desirable knowledge and experience in incorporating cross-cutting approaches (Action Without Harm, Peacebuilding, gender, ethnicity, etc.).
  • knowledge of large donors; USAID, OFDA, FFP, BPRM.

Previous experience

  • 6 years of community and institutional work projects related to CASH, entrepreneurship, employability and/or strengthening of livelihoods.
  • 4 years in project management in the private, public or international cooperation, involving the strengthening of communities and inter-institutional coordination.
  • Desirable experience in the development of partnerships between public, private and community actors.

Knowledge of the humanitarian sector

  • Understanding of the rights-based approach particularly in relation to conflict dynamics and peacebuilding.
  • Previous experience in issues related to the promotion of gender equality or personal commitment to gender equality is valuable.

Knowledge of AAH

  • Knowledge of the organization and its lines of action preferred.


  • Fluent oral and written English and Spanish skills required.

Office and specific systems

  • Mastery of Windows, essential advanced management of Excel and accounting systems.


  • Availability for geographic mobility (travel to work areas).
Experience 5 à 10 ans
Fonctions RH et Finances
Secteurs d’activité Alimentation / Nutrition, Eau et assainissement
Pays Amérique latine, Colombie
Salaire / Indemnité Formal working contract.

  • Competitive salary according to standard list of Action Against Hunger – Spain
  • AAH – Spain remuneration system allows a salary progression based on the annual development appraisal.
  • Position’s context and responsibilities complement (according the grading scale set by AAH-Spain)
  • House and maintenance cover by the organization – guest house
  • Perdiem and living cost payed in local currency – according to the destination.
  • Travel costs to and from the mission.
  • 25 working days of holidays per year.
  • Break: additional rest period, including travel cost to a reference area and economic help.
  • Health, repatriation, travel and life insurance covered by the organization.
  • Extra per month and per child (Under 18 years old): of 100€
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Date de fin de validité 09/09/2019

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