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ACF recruits 01 An NGO Platform Coordinator

ACF recruits 01 An NGO Platform Coordinator

Currently Action Against Hunger is responding to a humanitarian crisis in Cox’s Bazar where 617.000 Myanmar Nationals fled across the border to Bangladesh. Action Against Hunger has scaled up the nutrition activities in the refugee settlements, while continuing to implement existing activities for the Host Communities of Cox’s Bazar. Action Against Hunger implements 5 Stabilisation Centres and support to 5 Government stabilisation centres, 118 Outpatient Therapeutic Programme centres, 4 Targeted Supplementary Feeding centres, Blanket Supplementary Feeding Centres, kitchens providing hot meals, Infant Young Child Feeding in Emergencies counselling etc. The activities are implemented in close collaboration with WASH, MHCP and FSL departments.
The coordination with health and nutrition partners is crucial during the emergency to ensure collaboration, good programme coverage, thus more lives saved. It is important to represent Action Against Hunger and use experience and knowledge of Action Against Hunger for advocacy and for the development of tools used by the sector.

Duration: 3 months

Work context:
Action Against Hunger and NGOs active in Rohingya response in Bangladesh are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual to lead Bangladesh Rohingya Response NGO Platform. The NGO Platform is a network of 130 local, national and international NGOs that coordinates and represents NGO issues pertaining to the refugee response in Cox’s Bazar. Its key functions include information sharing and coordination, representation of NGOs, advocacy and key messaging on the refugee response and humanitarian space, as well as capacity building and advancing partnerships in the response.
This position is hosted by ACF, but functions independently of the organisation. Administratively the NGO Platform Coordinator reports to the Country Director of the grant-holding agency ACF and with respect to operational management of funds. At the same time, the Secretariat led by the NGO Platform Coordinator works in close collaboration with and under the guidance of a Steering Committee of NGO Directors with respect to NGO Platform activities and initiatives.
Since the tipping point of the Rakhine crisis in Myanmar on August 25th 2017, Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh. The scale and speed of onset of the influx overwhelmed existing government and humanitarian capacities, with currently 1.2 million refugees and host communities targeted by humanitarian assistance in Cox’s Bazar.
With a view to improve coordination and collaboration between NGOs and to ensure joint NGO concerns are harmonised, addressed and represented towards external actors, NGOs working in the response came together in 2018 to form an NGO Platform for all NGOs active in the response. The Secretariat of the Platform currently consists of 4 staff members: overall Coordinator, National Coordinator (focal point of local and national NGOs), Advocacy & Policy Coordinator, as well as part-time Information Management Officer.
The focus of the NGO Platform is on the Rohingya response in Cox’s Bazar district and its related coordination mechanisms in Dhaka. The NGO Platform coordinates with wider NGO representation in the country to ensure open communication.

The NGO Platform Coordinator provides core support to the Platform and manages the Secretariat with the objective of advancing Platform initiatives and activities, developing common positioning on key humanitarian issues, representing members internally and externally, and furthering advocacy with key donors, UN agencies and Government Representatives. The Coordinator works in close collaboration with the Steering Committee.

More precisely you will:
• Be the custodian of the NGO Platform Statutes of Operation and its key functions agreed with NGO Platform members and the Steering Committee
• Have effective cooperation with all relevant NGOs, UN, Government and donor coordination groups
• Facilitate NGOs to develop a voice and stand on issues affecting local, national and international NGOs working in the Response
• Liaise with operational coordination mechanisms at Cox’s Bazar and Dhaka level, Government representatives, donors and other external actors
• Promote partnership strategies between International, National and Local NGOs and mobilising support to build a partnership approach for the overall response, including fundraising for and contracting consultants to further the work on this
• Lead in negotiations with key stakeholders on key issues directly affecting refugees, host communities and NGO work in the Response with the support of Advocacy & Policy Coordinator, including ensuring the development of key messages and advocacy related publications
• Support development of an advocacy strategy for the NGO Platform in collaboration with the Information management
• Ensure relevant information is shared with the NGO community – the Coordinator is responsible for the correctness of information shared, upholding the principle of neutrality in all correspondence

Requested profile:
You hold a Bachelor’s/ Masters’ degree in international relations, management, human rights, social science or related field or equivalent
You have at least three years’ experience at senior management level in NGO humanitarian response, six years’ total experience in humanitarian response
You have experienced with conflict related displacement and refugee situations
You have experience with both IASC cluster system and refugee coordination model
You are a good communicator and proven diplomacy with all types of stakeholders
You are fluent in spoken and written English
You have experience in humanitarian advocacy
You have Experience in NGO coordination

Specific conditions / salary:

Contract: 3 months fixed term contract under French legislation

Conditions for French Contract:
• Monthly gross salary from 2 735 to 3 185 € upon experience
• Per diem and living allowance: 513€ net, field paid.
• + 150€ of monthly gross salary as country allowance.
• + 16% of monthly gross salary as reimbursement of retirement insurance for non-French citizen.
• + Child allowance, limited to 5 children.

Transportation and accommodation:
• Coverage of transportation costs to and in the mission.
• Individual room in guesthouse covered

Medical coverage: 100% coverage of medical expenses + repatriation insurance.

Leaves and RnR:
• 25 days of paid leaves per year.
• + 20 RnR per year.
• + 215 € at each RnR period
• Coverage of the transportation expenses to the RnR area of reference (Thailand)

• Free and unlimited access to the certifying e-learning platform Crossknowledge ©.
• Technical trainings at HQ or regional level (averagely 1 per year).
• Intermission Workshop once a year.
• Participation to external trainings costs upon eligibility of the request.

Manager word:
To be successful in this role we expect you to be flexible and proactive in engaging with all relevant actors in a changing operational context.

ACF is committed to people with disabilities and actively fights against all forms of discrimination.

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