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Aberdeenshire Council seeking Applications for COVID-19 Discretionary Business Fund

Aberdeenshire Council seeking Applications for COVID-19 Discretionary Business Fund

Deadline: 21-May-21

The Aberdeenshire Council is seeking Applications for the COVID-19 Discretionary Business Fund.

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The aim of this fund is to mitigate the short-term financial challenges being experienced by businesses adversely impacted by restrictions and regulations introduced since October 2020 to control the spread of COVID-19. It enables individual local authorities to direct additional financial support to specific groups, sectors or businesses within their local business communities who are experiencing immediate financial challenges as a result of current restrictions and regulations.
Funding Information
The enhanced grants for existing recipients will be increased in-line with the number of employees that business has, as follows:
Number of employees: 0
Second payment: £2,000
Total grant: £4,000
Number of employees: 1 to 9
Second payment: £4,000
Total grant: £6,000
Number of employees: 10 to 50
Second payment: £8,000
Total grant: £10,000
Eligibility Criteria
Business trading prior to 2nd November 2020
Business must be based in Aberdeenshire
Must have a valid VAT, PAYE, Companies House registration, SCIO, CIC or UTR number
Business has not been eligible for any coronavirus funding since October 2020
Business must have had a turnover of greater than £250 per month
Business has not received an enforcement notice as a result of breaching COVID-19 regulations
Business is not in administration, insolvency or received notice to be struck off Companies House
Business can evidence a 30%, negative, financial impact from COVID-19 restrictions
For businesses with employees: a copy of most recent payroll report submitted to HMRC, this can be either a summary of your submission report or detailed RTI report
For more information, visit https://aberdeenshire.gov.uk/business/business-covid-19/covid-19-discretionary-business-fund/

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