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2021 Competition of Innovation and Technology Transfer Projects (Moldova)

2021 Competition of Innovation and Technology Transfer Projects (Moldova)

Deadline: 30-Sep-20

The Government of the Republic of Moldova is accepting proposals for the 2021 Competition of Innovation and Technology Transfer Projects.

1000 new grants and donors
Innovation and Technology Transfer Project – a project that includes activities aimed at creating and implementing innovations and new technologies, including technology transfer, for the manufacture of new or improved competitive products, and for the use of progressive processes, services and technologies, in accordance with the priorities and strategic directions of the National Research and Innovation Program for the years 2020-2023, approved by Government Decision no. 381/2019.


Non-communicable diseases – epidemiological monitoring, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment;
Epidemiological surveillance – control and response measures, diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases;
Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical preparations.
Sustainable agriculture, food security, and food safety:
Food security and food safety;
Varieties and hybrids of high-performance agricultural, technical, and fodder crops;
Sustainable management of agricultural ecosystems;
New technologies for processing agricultural raw materials. Agri-food biotechnologies.
Environment and climate change:
The impact of biotic and abiotic factors on the environment and society;
Safe, clean, and efficient energy;
Waste, plastics, and pollutants;
Ecological security;
Biodiversity conservation.
Societal challenges:
Social, educational, and cultural innovations for integration and adaptation;
Migration, diaspora and socio-demographic changes;
Tangible and intangible heritage;
Capitalizing on human and social capital.
Economic competitiveness and innovative technologies:
Information technology and digital development;
Innovative materials, technologies, and products.
Funding Information

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Health – 1413.3 thousand lei;
Sustainable agriculture, food security, and food safety – 1573.3 thousand lei;
Environment and climate change – 1920.0 thousand lei;
Societal challenges – 1253.4 thousand lei;
Economic competitiveness and innovative technologies – 1840.0 thousand lei.

The competition in the fields of research and innovation provided in art. 95 para. (1) of the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic of Moldova, no. 259/2004, independently or in clusters/partnerships with other subjects in the fields of research and innovation, including with the representatives of the business environment, civil society, international organizations, and development partners of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the concluded agreements;
In the case of clusters/partnerships between organizations in the fields of research and innovation, the partners of the partnership agreement in the collaboration agreement the project leader responsible for its submission and implementation on behalf of the partnership, as well as the conditions of the project.
It is forbidden to submit projects in which some activities have already been funded or are being funded from other sources;
The conditions for participation in the project competition are:
the organization has the right to carry out research and innovation activity based on the act of incorporation/statute;
the organization is not declared in accordance with the law in a state of insolvency or its bank accounts are not blocked, according to an irrevocable court decision;
the organization has not violated the provisions of another contract for financing projects in the fields of research and innovation previously concluded.
Only the person who holds the scientific title of doctor or doctor habilitat, confirms the relevance of experience to the proposal submitted through published scientific papers, as well as other scientific activities from the last 5 years, can be the leader of the project proposal.
One and the same person may not participate as a project manager in more than one project proposal in the competition. The person is entitled to participate as a project leader in other competitions launched.
For more information, visit https://ancd.gov.md/ro/content/concursul-proiectelor-de-inovare-%C8%99i-transfer-tehnologic-pentru-anul-2021

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