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2020 Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects to Improve Basic Human Needs in Mozambique

2020 Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects to Improve Basic Human Needs in Mozambique

Deadline: 14 February 2020

The Embassy of Japan in Mozambique is currently accepting applications for its 2020 Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP) which is intended to respond various development needs in a prompt and proper manner in order to directly support community-based organizations such as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), schools and local governments.

Priority Areas in Mozambique

Priority areas are the areas that aim to improve Basic Human Needs (BHN) such as Education, Health and Water and Sanitation. Nevertheless, projects in other areas will also be considered. Examples of the past projects include:

Construction of classrooms, school latrines, water cisterns, fences; acquisition of desks and chairs; Installation of electricity
Health, Water and Sanitation
Construction of health facilities (health center, pregnant women’s waiting house, SAAJ, etc)
Construction of boreholes, latrines, and training for water committees
Construction of small scale irrigation system, waste management
Gender issues, social welfare, supporting orphanages

Grant Amount

The maximum grant amount per project is 10 million JPY (approximately 89,300 USD, depending on the JPY-USD exchange rate set at the beginning of each fiscal year). Any project with budget more than 3 million JPY needs to be audited by an external auditor and such cost can be included in the total budget.

Time Frame

The approved project has to be completed within 1 year (maximum) from the grant contract signing date.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible recipients to the GGP are community-based nonprofit organizations that implement development projects at grass-roots level. Examples include international and local NGOs, local public authorities such as provincial and district governments, educational institutions such as primary and secondary schools, and medical institutions such as hospitals and health centers. Except for extraordinary circumstances (such as post-disaster or – conflict relief), national and international governmental organizations are not eligible for the GGP. Neither individuals nor profit oriented organizations are eligible for the GGP.


During the assessment, two main criteria will be considered:

Organizational Capacity
At least 5 years of project experiences in Mozambique
Similar project experience in the same sector
Sufficient human resources
Stable and sustainable financial resources
Good relations with Local Government Authority (Province; District level)
Financial capacity that covers organization’s running/administrative costs, any unforeseen costs and Value Added Tax (VAT)
Project Effectiveness
Sound project designs that properly meet community needs
Expected results that directly benefit local population
Sufficient service provision, adequate technical personnel and budget in the target facility (ex. If the project is aimed to provide medical equipment, the target hospital is required to have capacity to provide adequate medical service and to have competent technical personnel to utilize the equipment.)
Proper monitoring and evaluation systems
Project sustainability and maintenance (including procurement system for spareparts)
Guarrantee for Local government’s involvement and monitoring from the beginning of the project implementation (with government’s own budget)

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