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World Vision recrute 01 conseiller en sécurité mondiale

World Vision recrute 01 conseiller en sécurité mondiale

Job Description

Primary role; to design and implement security structures for World Vision International (WVI) Disasters Managements (DM) – Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (HEA) response operations in medium to high risk conflict and fragile contexts in alignment with WVI security policies and procedures that will allow WVI to deliver humanitarian aid & relief programmes securely and in a timely manner while maximizing staff safety.

Secondary role; when directed provide direct and indirect security support across the WVI partnership to support Regional and National Senior Management Teams’ with; Critical Security Incident and/or Crisis Management, Investigations, Civil-Military-Police Coordination, Context Analysis, and Technical Security Advice and Training.

Strategy Development: 

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of global security strategies for humanitarian emergency response operations. Ensure security management procedures are in alignment with WV Security policy and international best practice.
  • Collaborate with Response Directors to ensure that the response security strategy is appropriately aligned with OCS regional priorities.

Operational Support: 

Initial Global Response Operations 

  • Deploy as a member of the Global Rapid Response Team (GRRT) in accordance with the WVI Emergency Management System (EMS) in order to establish initial response operations.
  • Provide sound technical assistance to humanitarian response senior management teams in the assessment of security risks and the development of security planning to mitigate assessed threats in accordance with the Terms of Reference as outlined in the WVI EMS manual.

Sustaining Global Response Operations 

  • Deploy to WV operational areas to provide initial security management in emergency situations and to augment existing security management structures as required. Provide guidance for Response Security Managers as required.
  • Review Security Risk Ratings with OCS Analysis Unit and assist in the development of mitigation strategies for responses that are compliant with WV’s Core Security Requirements (CSR).
  • Assess capacity & operational gaps WV’s Core Security Requirements (CSR) in HEA Reponses and develop work plans to implement mitigation strategies in collaboration with Response Security Managers.
  • Support crisis management and business continuity including impact analyses to accurately define critical time-sensitive security activities and assist the design, development, and documentation of work area recovery plans.

Technical Support:   

  • Provide ongoing technical support to the HEA Response Security Managers and National Security Managers in the assessment of security risks and the development of security planning to mitigate assessed threats in WV operations.
  • Provide support in the development of operational security and contingency plans as requested by the Office of Corporate OCS, Director of Operations.
  • Work closely with Response Security Managers and Regional Security Directors to provide independent assessment of ‘Medium – High Risk’ response contexts and the application of WV’s security risk rating system.
  • Assist in providing civil-military-police operations policy oversight and technical support to Regional/National senior leadership.
  • Contribute to development of global policies, guidelines and standards relating to security management and provide leadership in contextualizing and mainstreaming them within WV’s global operations.
  • Provide technical support and oversight of incident case management and provision of after action reviews/lessons learned exercises and security investigations for complex and serious cases and ensure knowledge capture.

Capacity Building:    

  • Assist in the assessment, development and implementation of global capacity building plan for security management in the context of HEA responses.
  • Engage with Response Managers and HEA staff to raise the awareness of security management as per WV Corporate Security policies.
  • Identify, share / facilitate access to security tools, resources and materials as well as learning and support opportunities for Regional & National Offices. These may include facilitating and conducting training, engagement of trainers, establishing institutional links, identifying opportunities for staff exchange or mentoring.
  • Identify and mentor staff as future Response Security Managers.

Internal/External Liaison & Coordination           


  • Regular liaison with Response Managers, Response Security Managers (RSM), Regional Security Directors (RSD’s) and other key stakeholders.
  • Act as a strategic link for the promotion of security assessment & planning standards connecting National Offices, Regional Offices, Support Offices and Global Centre.
  • Regularly liaise with WV security network on emerging security issues and provide analysis on potential impact on WV operations.
  • Actively contribute to partnership forums, working Groups and networks related to security management.
  • Work closely with members of the Corporate Security team promoting mutual learning, support and accountability.


  • Regular liaison with the United Nations (UN) security departments, other INGO security departments and agencies to include international security forums and security centers of excellence to develop best practices and lessons learned.

Knowledge Management:      

  • Participate in the process of continuous learning on international best practice in security management & analysis and identify tools and processes that can be implemented into WV operations globally.
  • Encourage mutual learning on security management issues within the region and globally.
  • Assist in the facilitation of and coordination of global security information sharing forum/network that promotes the embedding of security information management into all layers of WV’s programmes.
  • Facilitate the documentation of best practices and contribute to the community of practice and centre of excellence


  • Support activities that will enrich and develop World Vision’s Core Values;
  • Practice an inclusive leadership style that will be a role model for staff, peers and others.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the Partnership Leader

Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree in Security Management, Risk Management, Strategic Studies, International Relations or Emergency Management. (General Management studies also considered); or
  • Minimum 5+ years previous experience in the professional security arena (INGO, Corporate, Military, Law Enforcement, or Emergency Services).
  • Sound knowledge of INGO security practices with proven experience in Security Risk Assessments (SRA), security planning and critical security incident/crises management in the humanitarian context.
  • Fluent French and  is MUST requirement.


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