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WHO recruits 01 Medical Officer, RMNCAHA & Healthy Ageing, MCAT

WHO recruits 01 Medical Officer, RMNCAHA & Healthy Ageing, MCAT

Salaire xxx/ mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 24 Novembre 2021
Description de l’offre


Medical Officer, RMNCAHA & Healthy Ageing, MCAT (Multiple Locations: Burkina Faso, South Africa / WHO Roster)

World Health Organization (WHO)
AF/ULC Universal Health Coverage/Life Course
Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Multiple locations
Grade: P4, Mid-level Professional
Occupations: Healthcare
Close on 24 Nov 2021

Cluster: Universal Health Coverage / Life Course (ULC)
Programme Areas: Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAHA) and Healthy Ageing
Unit/Team: WHO Representative’s Office/Multicountry Assignment Team (MCAT)
Position Title: Medical Officer, Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAHA) & Healthy Ageing
Position No:
Envisaged Position Grade: P04
Objectives of the Programme and Immediate Strategic Objectives
The overall objective of the RMNCAHA Programme is to support Member States in the WHO African Region in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, strategies, guidelines and plans for Reproductive, maternal newborn child and adolescents health and health and wellbeing of older people in ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning; and to promote healthy ageing towards the attainment of Universal Health Coverage in the WHO African Region. Within the framework of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (GSWCAH) (2016-2030), the Decade of healthy ageing 2016-2030 and the Programme works by supporting Member States to develop robust policies, strategies, guidelines and plans aimed at reducing maternal and newborn child and adolescent and healthy ageing mortality and promoting the health and wellbeing of older persons that are guided by WHO recommended norms and standards. It provides technical assistance for building the capacity of Member States for the implementation of national policies for improving maternal neonatal newborn child and adolescent health and wellbeing and for increasing access to services for improving sexual and reproductive health and healthy ageing and supports countries to conduct social mobilization. It also defines the regional RMNCAHA research and innovations agenda to generate evidence and strengthens RMNCAHA strategic information systems in countries for surveillance, monitoring, evaluation; conducting high level advocacy and strengthening partnerships through convening and coordination of key partners and stakeholders including AU, RECs, OAFLAD, H6, USAID, BMGF, Global Fund, Buffet Foundation, Professional Associations, civil society organizations etc. to promote harmonized approaches and increased resources for RMNCAHA and healthy ageing. The goal is to enable countries in the WHO African Region to ensure evidence-based policies and strategies are in place to achieve universal access to high-quality, integrated, health services, increase the coverage and quality of effective interventions, and create mechanisms to measure the impact of those strategies and interventions, through strengthened and resilient health systems.

Purpose of the Position
Within the context of the ULC Cluster, the purpose of the position is to provide support activities to the work of the Multicounty Assignment Teams (MCATs) in the identified locations to Member States in the host country in all aspects of Reproductive Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAHA) and healthy ageing programmes, while ensuring their integration into strengthened and resilient health systems. Activities include but are not limited to the development and implementation of policies, strategies and plans; disseminating evidence-based guidelines, tools, norms and standards; coordinating advocacy at the sub-regional and country levels; providing support to Member States to set up and scale up Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health and Healthy Ageing programmes and systems, including capacity building in the areas of advocacy, partnerships and resources mobilization.

Organizational Context (Describe the work environment, the role of the individual within the team – team member, specialist, adviser, facilitator, coordinator/manager, representative, expert, authority in the field, etc.) available guidelines and degree of independence in decision making, and nature and purpose of contact within and outside the Organization.

Context -Under the direct technical supervision of the WHO Representative (WR) in the host country and ULC Director, in consultation with other WRs sharing in the Multicounty Assignment Teams (MCATs) in the identified locations, the incumbent provides leadership and support to the Member States in the MCATs on strategic and operational planning and monitoring; programming and delivery of effective interventions in line with the Global Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescent Health and Healthy Ageing programmes and systems in line with WHO recommendations, guidelines and capacity building; policy dialogue and advocacy at a national level to attain the global and regional commitments and targets. He/she also supports advocacy, partnerships, and resource mobilization, including facilitating collaboration and linkages within and between programmes and clusters.

Contacts – Under the technical supervision of the hosting WR and ULC Director and in consultation with other WRs and Functional general supervision of the MCATS Coordinator including collaboration with other MCATs, Programmes and Clusters of the Regional Office, WRs, WHO Country offices and Collaborating Centers, as well as ministries of Health, research and teaching institutions, other national health officials, and strategic partners including UN Country teams, donors, Civil society organizations, Community-based and community-led organizations and NGOs, within the framework of the delegated authority, the incumbent provides technical support on all aspects of Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescent Health and Healthy Ageing Strategy and related activities. S/he continually collaborates in cross-cluster work and task teams to achieve organizational results. S/he also proactively participates in and advises on capacity building, advocacy, partnerships and resources mobilization activities and ensure synergy with other MCATs and and ensure that the individual county technical support needs are fulfilled working with the WRs, clusters and partners, including through the use of expertise outside of WHO.

Summary of Assigned Duties
The incumbent will be expected to perform the following duties:
• The incumbent will implement innovative ways of working to facilitate strong collaboration and linkages with programmes, clusters, and partners (WHO Collaborating Centers, research and teaching institutions, regional and sub regional economic entities, NGOs, etc.) to ensure that appropriate, efficient and timely support is provided to countries, even during emergencies.
• Provide technical leadership for the Reproductive Maternal Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health and Healthy Ageing.
• Facilitate the dissemination of evidence-based guidelines, tools, norms and standards for quality RMNCAHA and Healthy Ageing services to contribute to Member States efforts to end all preventable maternal child and newborn morbidity, end mother-to-child transmission of preventable disease, and ensure universal access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights as well as enhance Health and wellness of older persons by 2030;
• Coordinate and oversee advocacy in the countries of assignment for prioritization of RMNCAHA and Healthy Ageing in the development agenda of member states for improved domestic resources allocation;
• Advise countries to institutionalize Maternal and Perinatal Disease Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) and to document evidence for causes of maternal, perinatal and neonatal deaths and respond appropriately-linking to Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CVRS) and Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR); as part of monitoring the implementation of key MNH and Healthy Ageing interventions and KPIs in the sub Region and supporting Member States to set-up and scale-up sustainable MNH and Healthy Ageing programmes and systems, including but not limited to capacity building of country teams for improved quality of care
• Advise countries on priority child and adolescent health interventions including, but not limited to. scaling up Integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI), capacity building for quality of care for child and adolescent health services, operationalizing the nurturing care framework for early childhood development through multisectoral coordination, collaboration and integration into existing policies, strategies and services, implementing adolescent interventions in line with AAHA guidance and establishment of health promoting schools.
• Oversee the documentation of best practices in RMNCAHA and Healthy Ageing activities for the countries of assignment for country use and feeding into the AFRO Regional and global reporting.
• Facilitatethe production andutilization of strategic information, including but not limited to trends of service availability, coverage of interventions and impact regarding the Health of women, newborn, children and adolescents for monitoring and evidence-based decision making;
• Proactively participate in advocacy and resource mobilization activities for RMNCAHA and Healthy Ageing for the countries of assignment H;
• As part of supporting countries to respond to humanitarian and public health emergencies, the incumbent will play a critical role in ensuring integration of RMNCAHA and Health Ageing and emergency preparedness and response plans
• Perform other related responsibilities as assigned in his/her area of expertise, including replacing and backstopping others as required.


WHO Competencies:
• Moving forward in a changing environment
• Promoting the Organization’s position in Health Leadership
• Producing Results
• Building and Promoting Partnerships across the Organization and Beyond
• Communication
• Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

Functional Knowledge and Skills
• Demonstrated leadership, management and strong organizational skills combined with the ability to work with diverse teams and a broad range of partners.
• Proven track record in policy formulation and strategic planning, guidelines development, and reporting in the field of Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescent Health, complemented by strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation of RMNCAHA programmes and projects
• Proven ability to innovate and to motivate, guide and foster national capacity building to advocate, communicate, disseminate and facilitate the implementation of RMNCAH and Healthy Ageing projects complemented by a track record in negotiating, developing and maintaining effective partnerships and creating harmonized synergies and approaches, with emphasis on resources mobilization.


Medical degree with a post-graduate degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology or Pediatrics and Child Health, or Public health.

Training in Management, Leadership or Planning


At least seven years’ experience at the national and/or international level planning, implementing, managing and evaluating programmes relevant to this post (Reproductive Health, Maternal Health, Newborn Health, Child Health, Adolescent Health, Healthy Ageing), with some experience in resource-limited countries.

Field experience complemented by experience in negotiating, developing and maintaining effective partnerships and creating harmonized synergies and approaches. Experience in intergovernmental agencies or the UN System.

Use of Language Skills
Excellent knowledge of English and/or French or Portuguese with a good working knowledge of the other language.

Other Skills (e.g. IT)
Computer literacy used for health evidence generation or knowledge information.nd Food Safety (NUT) Programme
Unit/Team: WHO Representative’s Offce/Multicountry Assignment Team (MCATandard office software packages,



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