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WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme: Apply Now!

WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme: Apply Now!

Deadline: 20-Oct-22

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is seeking applications for the #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Programme.

The #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador program is an education policy and leadership development scheme for international students who are currently studying in the UK. Through this programme, UKCISA connects student ambassadors to a network of emerging future leaders.

The vision for the program is to empower international students to be key partners in shaping a quality student experience, by using their first-hand experience of studying in the UK to influence policy and develop an inclusive global student community.

WeAreInternational Student Ambassadors will be equipped with policy knowledge and leadership skills to lead change and influence dialogue through their own lived experiences studying in the UK.

What is student representation and influencing policy?
Student Representation : As a student, you are encouraged to play a full part in the decision-making process of your education provider and national policy. #WeAreInternational Student Ambassadors will represent other international students who have shared experiences from similar backgrounds. They will gather views about various aspects of the student experience, communicate this feedback to relevant staff members and committees, suggest solutions, and work together with the education sector to bring about change.
Influencing Policy : Encouraging changes to government or education sector policy through discussions, debate, and shared ideas.

WeAreInternational Student Ambassador Activities and Responsibilities

As a #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador, you will join a team of ambassadors and help the UK deliver a world-class international student experience. Together, you will share responsibility to engage in activities relating to four main areas:
Public Engagement 
A large part of the programme includes attending events to engage with the public and education sector on the international student experience in the UK. You will:
Speak at exclusive sector events such as conferences, fairs, and forums to share your insight as part of panel sessions and presentations. In particular, you will lead on delivering sessions for their annual student-facing conference, UKCISA Fest.
Prepare content such as videos, quotes, and blogs for their website and social media channels. There will also be opportunities to engage in Facebook Live Q&A sessions with current and prospective students.
Provide your views or experiences on topical international student issues for the press, as required.
Policy Influencing
As an ambassador, you will contribute to positive change and enhance your knowledge of international student policies. You will:
Lead new projects and events to inform policy and practice, such as participating in working groups for specific topics of interest like employability and climate change.
Contribute to high-level discussions and roundtable meetings with UKCISA’s Board of Trustees and education sector committees, as well asgovernment consultations to share your views.
Gain an in-depth understanding of existing policies and develop new initiatives and projects, such as the #WeAreInternational Student Charter.
Engage as a member of UKCISA’s Student Advisory Group (SAG) – a subcommittee of UKCISA’s Board of Trustees – to use your voice and advise on major strategic decisions, projects, and policies.
Learning and Development
Throughout the programme, you will have access to various sessions and resources from UKCISA and their partner organisations to help you become an influential leader. You will:
Enhance your personal and professional development through training in areas such as public speaking, policy analysis, communications and campaigning.
Engage in mentoring sessions with education sector leaders to develop your policy knowledge and leadership skills.
Community Outreach
As an emerging part of the #WeAreInternational campaign, you will also have the opportunity to engage directly with the wider international student community. You will:
Build networks with international student officers and representatives, cultural groups, and local communities, working on projects to celebrate the achievements of international students and identify issues affecting the international student community.
Create resources for international students to take action at their institutions and feel empowered to make positive change.
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible to apply for the programme, you must meet both criteria. If you do not meet these criteria, unfortunately your application will not be accepted. You must be:
Aged 18 or above.
A current EU or overseas student studying at a UK education provider who will graduate during or after summer 2023.
Qualities and experience
They are looking for exceptional individuals who have potential and are passionate about playing a significant role in student representation and influencing policy in the UK education sector. To apply:
You should be able to explain how you want to change the international student experience in the UK through student representation and influencing policy.
You should demonstrate your motivation to improve your knowledge about policy and how to influence policy.
You should be committed to building strong networks and supporting the development of the institution you are studying at, UKCISA, and the wider education sector in the UK.
You should be willing to engage with UKCISA beyond the #WeAreInternational Student Ambassador programme.
You are likely to be in early to mid-study and already have examples of when you have demonstrated student representation skills or leadership.
They welcome applications from students who have diverse backgrounds. They are particularly interested in representing students who study at:
A further education, foundation or PhD course.
An institution in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
For more information, visit https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/About-UKCISA/Apply-for-the-Student-Ambassador-Programme

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