UNICEF recruits 01 Navision Installation, Configuration and User Training

UNICEF recruits 01 Navision Installation, Configuration and User Training

Navision Installation, Configuration and User Training (working 25 days), Lusaka, Zambia
Job Number: 523209 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Africa: Zambia
Work Type : Consultancy
The UNICEF Programme of Cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) is designed to address and mitigate the threat of poverty the country’s children face, while responding to the needs with interventions addressing the multiple causative factors.
In response to the combination these threats involve the Programme supports national efforts to improve service delivery in the key areas of: child health and nutrition and HIV and AIDS, quality basic education, water, sanitation and hygiene education, child protection and social policy, advocacy and communication.
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Purpose of the Consultancy: To provide training and software set up services
Since 2003, the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) has been implementing the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme.  Over the years the programme has grown to full national coverage, with over 700,000 beneficiary households. This translates to about 3 million people being assisted by Social Cash Transfers. The programme has been one of the most successful Social Protection programmes to date, with positive impact to beneficiary household welfare, living conditions, self-esteem and even improved productivity. However, despite this, there is need to continue strengthening and building robust programme and financial management systems to ensure sustainable, effective and efficient programme delivery.
A Fiduciary Risk Assessment (FRA) of the programme, 2015, concluded that the fiduciary risk level associated with scaling up the SCT is substantial.  The report recommended strengthening the Ministry’s financial management and reporting. Subsequently, in 2016, MCDSS and Cooperating Partners agreed an action plan based on the FRA. Through this action plan, the United Nations Joint Programme, UNICEF provides technical assistance to MCDSS for the strengthening and development of social protection systems and the implementation of the SCT. among these systems is financial management. Recent assurance activities conducted related to Financial Management, have indicated that financial management gaps in the Ministry continue to exist. One of these gaps is that financial reporting, from the Districts, lacks accuracy and is not real time. Efforts have been that need to be strengthened.
In efforts to fill this gap, MCDSS has requested UNICEF to procure financial management software to provide real time, web based financial management visibility from district level. Also, to hire a consultant to build capacity in the use of this software.
To date staff at MCDSS are able to mane finances using a financial management tool, however the tool is manual i.e. excel based. This entails that once district officers have populated the sheet it is sent to Provincial Accountants who review and consolidate the information, provide a provincial report and forward to HQ for further consolidation. Though the tool has over time been improved with validation checks, it does not provide real time tracking of expenditure. The consultants will build capacity of MCDSS staff entailing government ownership of system once operationalised. UNICEF will only provide capacity building financial assistance thereafter MCDSS will continue with maintenance.
Linkage to IT is foreseen, with the software being an IT solution. It is desired that IT provides quality assurance around the configuration of the software to meet the needs of the business owners. Also, Child Protection Section may profit from the software as the same district officers are implementing the PWAS education support and SEEVCA case management. The software can later be upgraded to include functionality for budget tracking for the two interventions.
Objectives / Target
The overall objective of the consultancy will be to provide services to Financial Management software roll-out for Social Cash Transfer Programme. The Consultant will be expected to work with relevant departments within MCDSS to attain effective Financial Management of resources in MCDSS – SCT. The consultant will also be expected to provide advice and recommendations on potential/further Financial Management work.
– Configuration of Navision Software to suit MCDSS needs
– Training of Users in Navision Software
– Backstopping (second level support) post operationalizing
Description of the Assignment (Scope of Work)/ Specific tasks;
The overall assignment is likely to take 25 working days to complete and will take the following themes;
Configuration of software to include business owner discussions/meetings: this will be characterized by inception meeting held with MCDSS (both finance department and social welfare department to be present). Meeting should yield a clear picture of business owner (users in MCDSS) requirements. These user requirements must be documented and endorsed by MCDSS. Thereafter consultants can proceed to configure the software to mimic business processes conducted by the Ministry, with regards to management of finances. Once configuration is completed, a completion report will be written and endorsed by the Ministry as satisfactory. the report should highlight clarity of functions and user-friendliness of system.
The 22 computers and Navision software will be provided UNICEF.
User training; once computers are installed with configured software a training workshop will be held. First users from HQ and provincial Offices will be trained. These shall be super users, who will have heightened functions and will provide support to district offices once system operational. Thereafter training of District level users will be held and super users to be present.
Approximately 40 users will be trained in total.
Second level support-Backstopping for the first 3 weeks of software use; the consultant (s) to provide second level support for the first 3 weeks of operationalizing software at District level i.e. remote backstopping of 10 Districts. First level support will be Provincial Accountants and any issues unresolved will be escalated to the consultants for resolution.
Expected Deliverables

Expected Deliverables

TaskExpected OutputDeliverablesTimeframe


Payment Schedule

Build capacity of MCDSS staff in Navision SoftwareMeeting with MCDSS to understand business requirements




Installation and configuration of software to meet business requirements

-Inception report highlighting business requirements from MCDSS5th July 2019



-Completion report endorsed by MCDSS
Training of users in software usage i.e. HQ, Provincial and Districts-Training material/guide

-User manuals

-End of training report

 12th July2019


Backstopping of users (second level support)-FAQs

-revised user manuals

29th July 2019


Close out meeting with MCDSS-End of consultancy report, that includes recommendations 4th August2019




During the course of the assignment the Consultant will work closely with the UNICEF Social Policy Specialist and provide the following reports:
Inception Report
Configuration completion Report
Draft and Final Report
Training/Presentation material
Workshop/training evaluation report
This Consultancy will be managed by the Social Policy and Research (SPR) Section. With the exception of travel for training of Users, the consultancy will be home – based. The Consultant will be expected to update the Social Policy Specialist, Director Social Welfare and Director Finance on progress towards key deliverables and/ or challenges on a weekly basis.
Starting period: tentative  start date for this assignment is 1st July, 2019.
Duration of assignment: Indicative schedule of the assignment is;
-inception visit and report 3 days-
-configuration of software 4 days-
-training of super users and District users 8 days-
-roll-out and backstopping 10 days-
No field visits are expected for this assignment, per se. Consultant will only travel to training venue. District and Provincial Officer engagement will be done at the training venue, which will be at one central location. Training will be conducted outside Lusaka. The inception meeting, however, be held at MCDSS HQ, Lusaka. Consultant to meet their own cost of travel (to be included in financial proposal). UNICEF will meet conference package costs at training venue and travel costs of participants.
PAYMENT Schedule
Reference “Expected Deliverables” Table above. In the case of unsatisfactory quality of reports, payments will be withheld until quality has been assured.
In general, payments should be made against delivery of services / products.  Advance payments on signature of contract are discouraged, and need to be explicitly justified.
To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…
Must have at least Bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting, Information Technology or equivalent.
Minimum 3 years’ experience providing training services with at least three notable references.
Adequate knowledge in WEB based design configuration and installation
Demonstrated knowledge and experience working on Financial Accounting software, training and management and similar work assignment particularly for Navision software
Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to actively listen and discuss the work around the scope of work
Additional Qualifications/Specialized knowledge
Good written and communication skills.
Good computer knowledge.
Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
Evaluation Process and Methods
The weight allocated between technical and price proposal. The ratio between the technical and the commercial criteria established shall be 75/25 (technical/commercial). Sum of technical and commercial will equal 100 points.
ItemEvaluation Criteria


 Technical Evaluation Criteria


1.0Overall Response


1.1Understanding of UNICEF’s requirement based on ToRs.


1.2Understanding of the Consultancy which UNICEF wants to enter based on the documents.


1.3Understanding of developmental issues within Zambia and UNICEF’s role in supporting and coordinating with the Government and other stakeholders.


2.0Company profile and key personnel


Range and depth of organizational experience with similar projects



2.2Client references and samples of previous work


Relevant experience and qualifications of the proposed team for the assignment



3.0Proposed Methodology and Approach                     


Proposed work plan and approach of implementation of the tasks as per the ToR



Training strategies, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance mechanism



Technologies used – compatibility with MCDSS



Total Technical Scores




4.0Financial Proposal


4.1Financial Proposal


Grand Total


Only proposals which receive a minimum of 60 points under a technical evaluation will be considered technically compliant.
Evaluation of candidates is conducted on the basis of their profile.
Bidder should are requested to provide an all-inclusive cost in the financial proposal.  Bidder should be reminded to factor in all cost implications for the required service / assignment
Bidder shall be required to include the estimate cost of travel in the financial proposal.  It is essential to clarify that costs for accommodation, meals, transportation (fuel) and incidentals shall need to be factored in.
Unexpected travels shall also be treated as above.
UNICEF will not provide office space or a computer for this assignment, the consultant must provide their own.
For every Child, you demonstrate…
UNICEF’s core values of Commitment, Diversity and Integrity and core competencies in Communication, Working with People and Drive for Results.
View our competency framework at
UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages all candidates, irrespective of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of the organization.
UNICEF has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the United Nations and UNICEF, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. UNICEF also adheres to strict child safeguarding principles. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks, and will be expected to adhere to these standards and principles.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.
Closing Date Mon Jun 24 2019 22:55:00 GMT+0100 (Afr. centrale Ouest)

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