Recrutements au Sénégal

Une entreprise de la place recrute 01 Agronomie 

Une entreprise de la place recrute 01 Agronomist 

Job opportunity in Senegal : Agronomist (Banana Crop), Mbane, Saint-Louis, Senegal

Job Description

Our client has the largest agricultural farm in Senegal. They grow potatoes, onions, and bananas in 2000 Hectare land.

  • To run daily activities with his own understanding and execution of the given work
  • Assign duties, such as cultivation, irrigation, or harvesting of crops or plants, product packaging or grading, or equipment maintenance.
  • Train workers in techniques such as planting, harvesting, weeding, or insect identification and in the use of safety measures.
  • Confer with managers to evaluate weather or soil conditions, to develop plans or procedures, or to discuss issues such as changes in fertilizers, herbicides, or cultivating techniques.
  • Inspect crops, fields, or plant stock to determine conditions and need for cultivating, spraying, weeding, or harvesting.
  • Estimate labor requirements for jobs and plan work schedules accordingly.
  • Assist with the adjustment or repair of farm equipment or machinery.

Qualification: Bachelor of Agronomy


6-7 years’ experience in Banana Crop (drip irrigation) with experience in overhead irrigation also.

  • Works contract: 2 years, renewable on completion of 2 years
  • Leave –After completion of 2 years
  • Status: Bachelor
  • Benefits : Food/accommodation/medical/telephone monthly credit-provided by company

Required Skills

agronomist, Drip Irrigation, Overhead irrigation, Harvesting, Cultivation, Crops inspection, Planting, Agronomy

Closing date : 1rst May 2020

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