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UNDP announces Call for Proposals on Conflict Management and Social Cohesion in Libya

UNDP announces Call for Proposals on Conflict Management and Social Cohesion in Libya

Deadline: 31 March 2020

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has announced a call for proposals for Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL).

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The Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) aims to bridge the critical period of transition from initial period of humanitarian relief towards mid- and long-term structural and sector-specific support. It includes interventions at the municipal level that seek to strengthen national unity and reinforce state authorities for all Libyans through support for local stability.

The SFL is Libyan led, with the Chair of the Presidency Council or his representative chairing the Board jointly with the UNDP Resident Representative for Libya, and the activities being implemented in cooperation with Libyan local authorities. The SFL is limited to specific localities depending on available funding but must be scalable to encompass the entire state territory.

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The SFL supports three activity sets, each with a dedicated output:

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Output 1: Light Infrastructure Rehabilitation;
Output 2: Capacity Surge; and
Output 3: Local Peace Structures and Conflict Management Capacity.

The key objectives of this engagement is predominately to help to deliver Output 3 activities to drive the SFL’s engagemen. The overarching objectives are:

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Understand the conflict drivers and key community players.
Develop local stabilisation goals, through inclusive local consultations where applicable;
Identify the capital investments and community activities that would sustain the identified goals, and from those select a priority list suitable for SFL investment under Output 1;
Identify the capacity surge required to make that investment effective in stabilisation, under SFL Output 2;
Sustain a programme of conflict monitoring and community trust-building to strengthen and broaden local peace;
Identify and select a local NGO partners to potentially help with the implementation of the above objectives;
Provide support and guidance for selected local NGO partner develop and implement social cohesion actions to reinforce interests sustaining peace.
Expected Activities

Conduct a preliminary conflict analysis to identify the interests sustaining peace and those that threaten it or are threatened by it;
Advise the SFL and provide quality assurance inputs and recommendations on SFL activities;
Provide a supportive challenge function to UNITAR in its capacity building assistance to, and mentoring of, local NGOs and local peace structures.
On request, support the SFL in directing the delivery of social cohesion activities that build bridges between communities and enhance trust, and in ensuring their endorsement by the local peace structures;
Expected Outputs

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The following results are expected from the selected partner:

Analysis of the current conflict dynamics;
Quality assurance advice to SFL on:
Selection of potential local partner NGOs for the delivery of conflict reduction strategies
Local mechanisms of early warning signs of conflict;
Recommendation for local conflict-resolution initiatives;
Updated conflict analysis and conflict management plans;
Inclusion of women and youth in Output 3 activities;
Support for continuing local monitoring and self-evaluation
Challenge function for UNITAR.
(if asked) advice to SFL on delivery of Output 3 social cohesion activities.
Project Requirements

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The partnering organization should prepare a methodology following the requirements below, relating them to the SFL project document wherever possible:

Context: Describe the situation briefly, highlighting needs and challenges in Kufra, and provide brief description of emerging opportunities and key objectives;
Justification: Describe briefly analysis of why it is important to address the challenges in this way;
Project Design: Stipulate strategies, methodologies and approaches that your organization proposes to adopt or utilize in pursuit of the project’s objectives under the framework of the SFL;
Target beneficiaries: Describe the process by which communities will be identified and key participants persuaded to play a positive role, including the way in which you will engage women and young people;
Expected Project Outcomes, Outputs and Planned Activities: State the expected outputs and outcomes the project aims to achieve and describe activities corresponding to each output;
Result-based Work Plan: Describe expected results and corresponding activities and work plan to conduct the activities with timeframe and responsible parties.
Implementation Arrangements

The consultancy will operate in Libya, conducting the exercise in the locations identified.
The project proposal should state the partner’s commitment to transparency in all of its activities and to making information about its program and operations under this partnership available to the SFL team, therefore seeks to maximize access to any documents and information that it produces and to information in its possession.
The partners will report to the UNDP SFL Project Manager for all reports and other outputs.
UNDP will be responsible for reviewing and addressing consultancy firm requests for information on a timely basis. Designated UNDP Project staff will be available to provide guidance to the consultancy firm during the course of the assignment. UNDP SFL Project Manager and/or his/her designated official shall be responsible for monitoring of consultancy firm’s performance.
In addition to the reports specified, the consultancy will alert the UNDP SFL Project Manager to any emerging issues, or to any risks of delays or quality impairment, in a timely manner.
The entity selected as partner will be subject to the third-party monitoring arrangements that all UNDP Stabilization Facility project activities will be subject to.
The entity selected will be subject to Audit.
Reports will be submitted to UNDP Libya electronically for review and inputs and original reports will be submitted in hardcopy.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2weCtW7

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