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Top Work recruits 01 Products Sales Manager (M/F)

Top Work recruits 01 Products Sales Manager (M/F)

Salairexxx/ mois
LocalisationDakar / Sénégal
Expiration22 Avril 2021

Description de l’offre

Do you have experience in customer acquisition, development and portfolio management?
You have a perfect command of commercial strategy development?
This position is for you.

Mission :
– Plans, directs and monitors the activities of a sales team within a specified geography, product Ifne or market segment to achieve established sales targMs;
– Develops sales plans, activities and campaigns and manages the day-to-day activities of a sales team Fr rader to isolement Me organization’s overall sales strategy for an assigned geography, product line, market segment or list of customer accounts ;
– Prepares sales forecasts and budgets ; Monitors sales volume, revenue and costs against forecasts to identif y problem mas; Adapts procedures or reallocates resource to improve the overall performance of the sales team;
– Negotiates sales rush existing and new custorners, who arr of stfategic importance to the organiyation Contributes to the deyelopment of sales, marketing, and Customer retention, adyertising, pricing and distribution strategies for dm area of respoosibility;
– Coaches sales representatives on the technical aspects of the organisations products and services, on marketing campaigns and sales promotions and on sales techniques, praedures and standards that 41 help them achiere their sales Largets.

Profil :
– Bachelor or Master &grec in commerce (sales), Marketing or similar fields:
– Have an experience of 05 to 07 years in a similar field ;
– Excellent knowledge of Senegalese Dairy industry and export markets;
– Sotid experience in working with distrikutors;
– Excellent knowledge in sales Mannings and foresasting ;
– Excellent reporting skips.

We are looking for a Dairy Products Sales Manager (M/F) for one of our clients based in Dakar (Senegal).
Do not hesitate to send us your CV to the following address:

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