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Together Alone: A Call for Artistic Proposals during COVID-19 – Finland

Together Alone: A Call for Artistic Proposals during COVID-19 – Finland

Deadline: 4 May 2020

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes network responds to the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic by announcing an open call for art projects. The current crisis is severely affecting the cultural sector. Many artists and creatives whose work is project-based have lost months worth of income. Amongst the crisis, the mission of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes remains unchanged. The Institutes exists to promote international mobility, visibility, and collaboration of Finnish art, culture, and science. That is why they are launching a new and fast progressing open call for Finnish and Finland-based artists and artist groups.

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The Institutes are seeking artistic proposals related to the following themes: state of emergency, radical change, resilience, artistic practice in the future, alone together. At the same time the project will act as a documentation of the crisis, and one of the major social upheavals of time and give the artists an opportunity to reflect it through the arts. The application is open to all Finnish and Finland-based professional artists who have lost work opportunities due to the corona epidemic.

The aim of the open call is to ensure the livelihoods of artists, and the continuity of international collaboration. Although mobility and physical encounters must now be restricted, the Institutes want to support the international networks and cooperation. The Institutes are especially looking for projects which emphasise broad international collaboration—without physical contact.

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Grant Information

The Institutes are commissioning projects from selected artists or artistic groups to be completed by June 30, 2020. The total grant of an individual project is between 1500–5000 €. The expenses will be paid as work compensation or by invoice. The suitability for diverse international distribution is considered an asset. The implementation of the project must comply with the national law concerning accessibility of digital services.

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Projects will not be restricted to be implemented within any particular Finnish Institute’s geographic area, but should fit to the sphere of activity of all of the institutes. The projects can take place or be available on the artist’s website, on a public web platform, on Youtube, or on an alternative platform reaching a wide audience. The medium is not restricted and the result can be for example an artwork, work in progress, performance, a diary, a film etc. The Institutes will include the chosen projects as part of their official programmes, and they will be available for all the institutes worldwide. The artist will retain the copyright of the work.

Application Criteria

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The project will be carried out in a manner that will not contradict the regulations of the prevailing state of emergency conditions.
The project should promote international networking and collaboration of Finnish artists or Finland-based artists. The open call encourages international dialogue and creativity beyond national borders.
Innovation and an experimental approach are encouraged.
For more information, visit https://finncult.be/together-alone?fbclid=IwAR3P-qGN-94hy3Smyy2SJa-xWM2LeEiRMD4dDRWf9vPYAoam8UMsTIuy2yo

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