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The Norwegian Refugee Council recruits 01 Senior Numerical modeler

The Norwegian Refugee Council recruits 01 Senior Numerical modeler

Senegal’s National Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (ANACIM) was born from the merger of Senegal’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANACS) and Senegal’s National Meteorological Agency (ANAMS), with the 2011-1055 decree of 28 July 2011. ANACIM is responsible for the organization and operation of meteorology in all its areas of application, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Civil Aviation Organization International (ICAO).

In 2015, the WMO designed Dakar as the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC). And one of the main tasks of ANACIM is to provide numerical weather products to most of the West Africa meteorology services. Also reinforce our forecasts capacities by installing regional model to capture local phenomena.  ANACIM already run two regional models; one wave model (WW3) and one weather model (WRF), these two models run in operational mode.

Duties and responsibilities

The candidate will  compile and run the Weather, Research, and Forecasting model (WRF) in high resolution. Various configurations (convection scheme, surface model etc.) of the model will then be tested in order to choose the best one that represents the West African climate. The candidate will be required to provide the forecasters automated scripts that will allow them to get weather maps. Responsibilities also include critically analyzing and interpreting the model output, publishing the results in peer-reviewed journals, and presenting scientific findings at conferences.


Assist the modeling team to implement, run and evaluate models. Develop Script to display and manipulate data it could include :

  • Setting up and running the WRF Preprocessing System on a high-performance computing server (HPC);
  • Configuration of the different spatial simulation scales using the nested scheme;
  • Model configuration with the best physical parameterization for West Africa with basic WRF and WRF-Chem for air quality;
  • Functional test and model stability;
  • Setup Post-processing Tools for WRF and develop scripts for the evaluation of models outputs;
  • Evaluation of WRF model;
  • Assimilation of external data on an operational system;
  • Automatic recovery of soil or mesh data;
  • Interfacing WRF with other models
  • Actively contribute to review of scientific ideas at status/technical meetings;
  • Contribute to a quarterly and weekly task status report.

Job requirements 

  • M.Sc.  or equivalent experience in atmospheric sciences or meteorology, mathematics, or a related physical science
  • Knowledge and research experience in atmospheric basic theory
  • Experience in the use and analysis of WRF model will be particularly valuable for the candidate
  • Good skills in programming languages and graphical tools used for the analysis of model outputs
  • Good at communication with team work spirit

We can offer

  • A great opportunity to work in an international setting for a world recognized organization
  • Significant life experiences through challenges and self-development
  • Access to a unique network of humanitarian and development professionals
  • A meaningful job working with the world’s challenges on location

Application procedures and CV registration:

  • Kindly submit your CV and application in English and include your full name as written in your passport
  • Please note that you are required to enter the geographical location for all your previous positions while registering your CV. There is no specific field for this information in our CV form, but you can use the « Company name » field for both company and location
  • NRC reserves the right to conduct a full background check on shortlisted candidates
  • Approved Health Certificate will be required prior to contract commencement and deployment
  • All applicants will get feedback within four weeks after the closing of this advertisement

Application deadline: 13/09/2020

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