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TGH recruits 01 National staff HR Expert

TGH recruits 01 National staff HR Expert – Sudan, Khartoum

General objectives of the study

In the frame of the structure of support to staff by Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH) in Sudan, under the supervision of the Country Director, and in coordination with the HR coordinator, the national staff HR Expert will propose a study of HR Policy and Procedure, along with review of Remuneration package for national staff in Sudan.

To ensure TGH policies remain in line with Sudan Labour Laws, and in light of the significant changes to Sudan’s economic situation TGH intends to implement a full study and review of all HR Policies and procedures, along with a review of salary scale (in line with a market review based on significantly increased cost of living), remuneration packages and payment methodologies (currencies, and subsequent tax implications).

This short mission brings the necessary technical support to the mission to complete this review, and subsequently conduct workshops (Khartoum, Darfur, South Kordofan) with staff to ensure transparency of all changes.

It will comprise an assessment of the current status of HR TGH policies, through desk review, review of Sudan Labour Law, comparison with other INGO available data, market review of average cost of living, and consultation with TGH staff.

A- Detailed content of the mission

HR Financial procedures

  • Review the salary scale (BW and SW), including levels within
  • Review and provide clarity on tax payment and social insurance payment, fixed to the official rate for the month
  • Review employee benefit package (basic salary BW and SW, entitlements, leave allowances)
  • Review the perdiem, travel allowance and incentives rules

Review HR policies

  • Review contract articles (fixed term and permanent contract)
  • Review the Internal staff regulation according to the penalty code, including updated forms and HR procedures/Guideline.
  • Review HR forms (sick leave, special leaves, Overtime) and update in accordance with revised ISR
  • Review the medical insurance rules
  • Review the UNHAS flight rules for staff leave
  • INPAT & Flying Policies.
  • Review procedures for service/consultant contracts (selection process, duration, etc.)
  • Review staff evaluation processes, and provide recommendations
  • Set up a data collection tool regarding training needs
  • Review staff HR file management – ensuring records are kept in line with relevant privacy guidelines
  • Review of Flow chart, (Clear Reporting Flow Chart).
  • Review termination of contracts procedures, and end of contract documentations.
  • Set a clear training policy.
  • Authorised absence policy

B- Field visits – Workshops with staff to ensure clear understanding of new procedures

Data collection to commence from desk review, prior to arrival in Sudan.  TGH Country Director and HR Coordinator will collaborate with HR Expert to share all documentation electronically upon commencement of HR Expert contract.

The HR Expert will visit the bases in Darfur– locations to be determined during mission dependant on UNHAS flights, and security context in each base in order to report on what has been concretely advanced and what is in progress during the three months of support. TGH will work to ensure HR Expert can consult staff from all bases, either through field visits or meetings in Khartoum.

Targeted locations – possible Field Visits:

  • Golo (Central Darfur)
  • Um Dukhun (Central Darfur)
  • Bindizi/Mukjar rural areas (Central Darfur)
  • El Geneina, Krienk (West Darfur)
  • Zalingei

C- Deliverables

This study and field mission will lead to different documents, written in English.

A global study report, including:

  • Findings of the assessment according to details in section II B
  • Report on the evolution of TGH practices according to details in section II B
  • Recommendation for improvements according to details in section II B

   Concrete deliverables for the mission:

  • Revised HR Policy
  • Exit Interview procedure and template
  • Revised salary scale (BW and SW), including levels within
  • Revised employee benefit package
  • New  perdiem, travel allowance and incentives rules (inclusive of procedures on how to review this amount as inflation rates change)
  • Revised Internal staff regulation according to the penalty code, including updated forms and HR procedures
  • Revised HR forms (sick leave, special leaves Overtime) and update in accordance with revised ISR
  • Revised Performance Evaluation tool, and procedure
  • Revised disciplinary procedure
  • Any additional HR  procedures that need to be drafted to address gaps identified by the HR Expert

Presentation (PowerPoint and with handouts) for informing staff of new procedures – noting it will need to be run by TGH staff following completion of consultation,

This list of responsibilities could be modified according to the needs.

Experience / Training

  • At least 2 years of experience on field HR coordinator positions in humanitarian context
  • Ability to understand and analyse national HR legal framework
  • Solid experience and practice of HR standard tools in humanitarian context
  • Autonomy and rigor. Developed skills for work organization and tasks prioritization
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English.
  • Experience of Arabic or Muslim countries and knowledge or Arabic language a distinct advantage
  • Proficient user of MS Office pack.


Location: Sudan, job based in Khartoum with field visits

Duration: 3 months starting ASAP (one month is necessary to complete the visa procedure)

Conditions: Salaried contract, gross monthly salary €2 900, monthly per diem €600, medical coverage of 100% + repatriation insurance + provident fund, accommodation, international and local transportation as part of the mission.

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter on our website  to the attention of Amandine Ruinart, Human Resources Officer.

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