Solidarités International recruits 01 WASH SPECIALIST

Solidarités International recruits 01 WASH SPECIALIST


Desired start date: asap
Duration of the mission:
 6 months
Location: Erbil




The SI mission has been opened in February 2017, with emphasis on the Mosul response. Currently, the activities are focused on the rehabilitation of secondary water networks & support household connections to the networks. This project will end with the NCE in December 2018 with a relatively small mission with one Coordination base in Erbil (3 expatriates and 8 national staff) and one operational base in Mosul (2 expatriate and 23 national staff). Regarding the evolution of the context, the mission will aim at keeping an early recovery WaSH component with ongoing research for development of new areas in line with the shift of context that entail wave of return movements to newly secured area. Simultaneously, as some camps will remain at least until 2020, being a key actor in wash in camps is a process already launched through the consortia.

2 projects have been recently submitted:

Exceptionally the funds allocated to wash cluster by IHF are splited into 2 consortia: one for out of camps activities (the consortium is named WOOC – for Wash Out of Camps) and one for in camps activities (the consortium is named WCICI – for Wash Consortium of in Camps Intervention). SI will be the leader for both consortia:

– For WOOC:
activities implemented by SI are aiming at improving the access to drinkable water out of camp in Mohalabiyah area. 6 months of activity.
Others partners are TDH, COOPI, OXFAM, ARCHE NOVA, FRC, RI.
Acquired funding, financial visibility, searched complementary funding’s : total budget is 2,7 M USD, 670 000 USD for SI
– For WCICI:
Activities implemented by SI are aiming at improving wash facilities and services in Nimrod camps. 6 months of activity.
Acquired funding, financial visibility, searched complementary funding’s : total budget of the consortium is 2,07 M USD, 653 000 USD for SI
– New areas => Complementary funds research on going.
– Furthermore, SI is leader of wash sub cluster in Mosul and is positioning itself to become one of the key actor in WASH in Iraq.




General objective:

The WASH specialist, as technical advisor dedicated to the consortium is in charge of overseeing quality and timely delivery of the consortium activities

  • Ensure appropriateness and timely implementation of SI WASH activities under the consortium
  • He/she coordinates the project cycle and more particularly the operational monitoring of WASH programs implemented in the intervention country, mainly within the 2 consortia.
  • Provide technical follow up and support to all partners in the consortia, in camps and out of camps upon request
  • Propose harmonized standards and monitoring tools when relevant to ensure shared minimum standards of intervention

The main challenges:

  • Deployment of a multi-partner project in a complex area of intervention (issues of administrative access), under a very strict timeline (6 months) and with no common working culture
  • Develop a positive work relationship internally to the mission and to the consortium, as well as externally towards WaSH actors present in the area

Priorities for the 2/3 first months:

  • Prepare appropriate reporting mechanisms and tools within Consortium members for his/her technical sector, under the lead of the consortium manager
  • Have a clear overview of each project and each partner involved in the consortia through field visits and roll out of a monitoring framework
  • Boost an open and transparent working culture among partners by proposing working fora, regular exchanges, setting clear communication channels, etc
  • According to access, organize visit in the intervention areas of partners




  • Position under the hierarchical supervision of: Consortium Director
  • Position under the functional supervision of : HQ Wash Advisor
  • No direct hierarchical management for the time being
  • Functional management of the WASH PM

Relevance and quality of projects

Coordination, technical support and operational monitoring

Reporting / communication / representation




Specific skills and experience:

  • Knowledge of project cycle management, project design and proposal writing.
  • Technical knowledge on emergency water supply and gravity flow network design and management, WaSH response in camps, urban WASH (water treatment and network rehabilitation). Prior experience as a wash coo as a requirement (min. 2 years)
  • Knowledge of community mobilization, water and sanitation social management, hygiene promotion methodologies and public health basics.
  • Experience in representing an organization in strategic and operational meetings
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills.
  • Strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of SI rules and procedures is an advantage.

Soft skills:

  • Communication and external representation is a must


  • English written and spoken/Arabic is an asset




Good living conditions in Erbil: individual rooms, fully equipped guest house and office, possibility to walk in the neighborhood, lots of restaurant, no curfew. Nevertheless, movements by foot for female staff alone at night are not allowed due to risks of harassment, dedicated taxi drivers or SI drivers are identified.

Fully equipped Guesthouse/Office in Mosul: The expatriate cannot stay overnight if alone in the base. In that case he/she does have to do the back and forth between Erbil and Mosul (1h30 by the road). The expatriate team (PM & Field Co) stays the all week and come back to Erbil for the week-end. The curfew is now at 6pm. No cook, the food is bought outside (plenty of restaurant, and food product in the market).


Security :

Erbil security situation is stable, nevertheless, specific attention for female staff and movements on foot at night.

Field security is volatile, with a strong presence of armed actors, and potential for security events. Daily security checks are conducted prior validation of movements with limited capacity to prevent asymmetric incidents. A specific attention is to be given to road movements between Erbil and Mosul. Office/GH is being set in East Mosul, where security situation has been stable over the last few months following retaking operation by Iraqi Army. Nevertheless, the security situation can be volatile due to criminality and the high presence of weapons. Potential ISIL/ISIS related incidents can be expected, nevertheless records in the past period has shown limited incidents.

Expatriates are currently spending the week in Mosul and come back to Erbil for the week end.




A salaried post:
According to experience, starting from 2860 euros gross per month (2600 base salary + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly)
+100€/year of humanitarian experience at the same position
+50€/year of experience  at a humanitarian position which has helped to reach the current level
and a monthly Per Diem of 750 USD

SI also covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate’s country of origin and the place of assignment.

Vacation: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of on 7 working days every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7 working days break at 3/6 and 9 month (with 850 USD allocated by Solidarités).

To these break periods, it is necessary to add the granting of 1 additional rest day per month worked > i.e. 12 days in addition for a 1-year contract.

Social and medical cover:
Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.



Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English. CV only applications will not be considered.

NB:  The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension

For further information about Solidarités International, please consult our website:

Experience 3 à 5 ans
Fonctions Technicien spécialisé, Gestion de projets/programmes
Secteurs d’activité Eau et assainissement
Pays Moyen Orient, Irak
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Date de fin de validité 17/06/2019

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