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Sida Advanced International Training Programme: Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence

Sida Advanced International Training Programme: Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence

Deadline: 9 November 2018

Applicants are invited to participate in an International Training Programme on Gender Based Violence. The programme is implemented by the Swedish Police Authority and the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and is financed by Sida. The Programme “Prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence – strengthening agents of change”. It will take place during 2018-2019, including 3 weeks of training in Sweden and 2 weeks in another country.


The aim of the programme is to develop the capacity of participating organisations/authorities and their personnel, to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence. The main objective is to increase the capacity of the targeted organisations and authorities to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence, according to Rule of Law.


This will be achieved by reaching the following outcomes:

  • The participants actively use gained knowledge, practical methods and tools, preventing and responding to Gender Based Violence.
  • Targeted authorities and organisations apply gained knowledge, methods and tools in their work.
  • The participants use the contacts and network of the programme to improve cooperation and coordination in the field of Gender Based Violence.


  • Applicants will be better equipped to work against Gender Based Violence – through increased knowledge, methods and tools, including best practices.
  • Applicants will have a strengthened capacity to initiate and support a process of change to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence, through personal coaching from Swedish colleagues.
  • Applicants will have improved and expanded networks with other actors who prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence.

Programme Structure

The training programme is divided into five phases:

  • Phase 1 – Preparatory phase (2 months): The participants will receive their letter of acceptance. They will prepare presentations of the situation in the field of Gender-Based Violence within their countries and their change projects. They will receive material on a digital platform to study, and take part in a survey.
  • Phase 2 – Scheduled training in Sweden (3 weeks): The first training takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. This phase includes seminars, study visits, discussions and workshops. The participants will develop and plan their change projects, in small groups, supported by the coaches of the programme.
  • Phase 3 – Interim period (6 months): The participants will establish and implement their change projects, coached online via email/Skype/phone by their coaches.
  • Phase 4 – Scheduled training outside of Sweden (2 weeks): The second training is a continuation of the first part in Sweden, following up on the change projects, and going more in depth on several topics and discussions included in the first part. This phase takes place in a country which will be specified further on. The training will contain relevant study visits in the chosen country.
  • Phase 5 – Final phase (6 months): During the final phase of the programme, the participants will adjust and finalize their change projects, in their home countries. They will present their results, take part in post-testing surveys and receive their diplomas.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The following countries are invited to nominate candidates: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine.
  • Applications from other countries will not be considered.
  • Only candidates nominated by the appropriate organisation and in accordance with national rules will be considered.
  • The target group is professionals who have a mandate to run processes, i.e middle or senior level management, working for the following strategic authorities and organisations:
    • Police
    • Prosecutors
    • Social services/municipalities
    • Civil Society Organisations working to counteract Gender Based Violence
    • Shelters
    • Health professionals
    • Relevant ministries
    • Relevant higher education institutions
  • The programme welcomes applicants from local, regional and national levels. We strive to ensure a mixture of participants in terms of gender, sector and ethnic identity, to ensure a dynamic atmosphere during the training and the development of international and national networks.
  • The training programme will be organised and conducted in English. Proficiency in English shall be certified on the Application form.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must download the application form via given website.

Eligible Countries: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2zZTVN9

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