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Recruitment of an International Lab expert Paris -Yangon, Myanmar

for the NHL project.

Recruitment of an International Lab expert Paris -Yangon, Myanmar

for the NHL project.
Annex 1

DETAILED JOB DESCRIPTION – NHL Project – Paris Yangon Lab Expert

Purpose of the request
The request for resource allocation is motivated by the need to create a new position based in Yangon, Myanmar,
as part of the implementation of the “NHL project”.
Background information
Leveraging its vast scientific and human community, Institut Pasteur takes part in national and international
research, public health and education programs. Its mission is to help prevent and treat diseases, mainly those of
infectious origin, through research, teaching, and public health initiatives. Institut Pasteur is a Paris-based private,
non-profit foundation that is at the same time at the heart of the Institut Pasteur International Network. Located in
25 countries on five continents, the Institut Pasteur International Network includes 32 institutions, which are
united by shared values and missions for the benefit of populations. Present in numerous endemic areas, the
International Network has, time and time again, demonstrated its major role as a sentinel for emerging infectious
diseases.. For more information about Institut Pasteur: https://www.pasteur.fr/en and the Institut Pasteur network:
The National Health Laboratory (NHL) is under the Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) of the Government of
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The mandate of the NHL is to carry out surveillance, outbreak
investigations and diagnostics, routine laboratory investigation, training, research and quality assurance. NHL
also has minimal research activity.
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a country still tackling infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis,
malaria and other pathogens. A significant number of diseases threaten public health in Myanmar: some of which
are crossing borders from neighboring countries, while others are endemic. Until recently, the ability to diagnose
and monitor these infectious diseases and epidemics was limited. A credible and accessible laboratory service
capable of producing reliable results in a timely manner is thus a cornerstone of any country’s capacity to
investigate any kind of outbreak as well as diseases in general. More than simply providing laboratory testing, the
upgrade of laboratories, especially the national reference NHL, is thus a crucial challenge for strengthening the
Myanmar’s capacity to investigate any kind of disease as well as to control emerging public health security
The purpose of the “NHL Project” is to improve health conditions for The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
population through a better diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases and epidemics as well as to
increasethe state’s ability to ensure the national health security. In line with The Republic of the Union of
Myanmar new government’s priorities, the “NHL Project” will thus enable the NHL located in Yangon to meet its
mission of being a national reference laboratory.
The European Union (EU) entrusted the French Agency of Development (AFD) with the funds of the NHL Project
. These funds were granted to Institut Pasteur to ensure the project coordination and implementation in close

collaboration with the NHL, the Institut Pasteur International Network, notably Institut Pasteur du Cambodge and
Institut Pasteur du Laos, and Mérieux Foundation.
For more information about the NHL Project, see: https://www.afd.fr/en/actualites/essential-upgrades-myanmars-
national-health-laboratory; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRu40wrjEXI&t=20s
The international lab expert will be part of the Coordination Project Team of Institut Pasteur in charge of the day-
to-day coordination of the “NHL Project” in collaboration with the technical and transversal teams involved at
Institut Pasteur, at the Institut Pasteur international network, at the NHL, and at Mérieux Foundation. The
Coordination Project Team will comprise members based at Institut Pasteur Paris and locally based members in
Yangon. Institut Pasteur plans to operate in Myanmar through a representative office to be created.
Job constraints and work environment
 Expatriate position based in Yangon, Myanmar;
 Customary fixed-term contract of employment of 24 months renewable up to 54 months.
 The lab expert will be assisted by a local team to be recruited by Institut Pasteur;
 The provisional composition of the local team is the following: a national coordinator for administrative /
representative assistance, a financial officer, a communication officer, and a driver;
 The office space will be housed within the premises of the NHL in Yangon, Myanmar.
Role and activities
The international lab expert will have to:
 Participate/accompany to the creation of the Institut Pasteur representative office;
 Head the Institut Pasteur representative office based in Myanmar and manage the local team that will
progressively be recruited;
 Coordinate the global implementation of the “NHL Project” in close coordination with the Institut Pasteur
international network, the MoHS, the NHL, and Mérieux Foundation;
 Implement the scientific training and capacity building activities roadmap once approved with the support
of the other partners;
 Organize and coordinate periodic trainee selection committees;
 Coordinate with the support of the NHL the logistical aspects of the training sessions (short courses,
internships, scholarships, etc.);
 Participate in meetings/training sessions that could be organized in the framework of the “NHL Project”
and where its presence could be requested or necessary;
 Ensure an advisor role to strengthen the NHL capacities;
 Coordinate the organization of the PMU-SC meetings (the Project Management Unit-Soft Component
(PMU-SC), is the main governing body empowered to make the necessary decisions in order to ensure
the successful achievement of the “NHL Project”);
 Comply with and apply the decisions made by the PMU-SC;
 Coordinate with the NHL, the MoHS, funders’, partners’ or experts’ visits on site;
 Provide support to the NHL for the annual organization of the partners and/or funders meeting, Global
Project workshops, and training restitution workshops following the training needs assessments;
 Ensure the good communication at all levels between the partners and with the funders;

 Promote the “NHL Project” within the Southeast Asian region, by interacting with local and regional
 Mediate and settle disputes between partners.
 Ph.D. (in the field of HSQE (Health, Security, Quality and Environment), life sciences or biotechnology)
or M.D.;
 More than 12 years of experience in scientific laboratories (biomedical research, national center of
reference) and management practices;
 Professional experience already validated in Asia is required;
 Knowledge and validated experience in administration, accounting management, and human resources
management is required;
 Knowledge and validated experience in the field of HSQE, in particular as regards the ISO 15189
standards, would be considered as an additional asset;
 Very good interpersonal skills, in particular as regards institutional representation towards local and
regional authorities;
 Fluent in French and English (writing, reading, listening, speaking are required);
 Excellent writing skills (in French and English);
 Good command of office software tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
Interested applicants must send their CV and cover letter to recrutement@pasteur.fr. Referrals letter are
recommended but not mandatory.

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