QUAMED  recruits 01 Chief Executive Officer

QUAMED  recruits 01 Chief Executive Officer, Paris or Brussels


QUAMED is a non-profit organisation that conducts activities to improve access to quality medicines. The organisation is a north/south network of international organisations, NGOs and central procurement centres. The association has several strategic priorities:

  • To support member organisations (International NGOs working in the humanitarian space) to identify quality sources of medicines in places where they are running field programmes.
  • To generate data by conducting audits of suppliers and local market assessments against the WHO quality standards; the audits are conducted by a pool of qualified experts; this information is shared with member organisations through the QUAMED database.
  • To streamline the use of resources by pooling skills as well as human and financial resources across the network.
  • To provide recognised expertise in pharmaceutical quality assurance and supply.
  • To advocate and raise awareness concerning efforts to ensure quality medicines in LMICs.

In addition to offering services to members and other clients, QUAMED is developing a supplier certification project. This project is in its initial phase and the Board of Directors has decided that this will be a priority of the new CEO.

II- Principles and objectives

The CEO manages the QUAMED team and is ultimately responsible for all operations on behalf of members and external clients. He/she reports to the Board of Directors.

The CEO ensures that operating procedures are respected, manages the budgetary and material resources and proposes revisions to the procedures or to any other operational issues or tools to the Board. He/she will also ensure compliance with the national legislation and should have experience in management, accounting and business administration. Human resource management including training and recruitment is also essential. Being familiar with international pharmaceutical best practices including Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Storage Practices, Good Pharmaceutical Procurement Practices is an added benefit. Finally, private sector and entrepreneurial experience in the widest sense of the term will be appreciated in the light of developing and launching the supplier certification project.

The CEO will be ultimately responsible for ensuring that field missions meet the needs of members and are efficiently managed. Developing long term formal agreements and partnerships with members and other stakeholders in the sector will be essential.

III- Organisational and mission responsibilities
1. Management Strategic planning

  • Managing the QUAMED team.
  • Coordinating activities between the different stakeholders of QUAMED.
  • In collaboration with the QUAMED team, defining and developing strategic activities and submitting them to the board of directors for approval.
  • Defining operation course, strategic plans and objectives.
    Overseeing overall policies and follow-up activities.
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are available and deployed for the development and start-up of the supplier certification project.
  • Developing and initiating networking, communication (including organisational website) and marketing strategies as well as monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness.

2. Administration and Human resources:

  • Administrative follow-up on QUAMED activities (Legal issues + HR).
  • Defining and managing QUAMED salary guidelines.
  • Conducting staff appraisals.

3. Finance:

  • Preparing overall budget and submit it to the board of directors for approval.
  • Monthly and annually accounts verification.
  • Regular follow-up and analysis on financial position.
  • Authorising expenses.
  • Authenticating the exchange rates.
  • Investment planning.
  • Defining cost recovery policies.

4. QUAMED representative:

  • Official QUAMED representative to international institutions, donors and financial institutions.
    Maintaining productive relationships with Partner NGOs and other members of the humanitarian community.
  • Be proactive in maintaining relationships with QUAMED’s partners and with relevant international institutions.
  • Be proactive in establishing relationship in the private for-profit pharmaceutical sector.
  • Upholding QUAMED vision as an association promoting access to quality medicines for all.
  • Promoting QUAMED services and products.
  • In collaboration with the QUAMED team, managing and updating the QUAMED Website.

5. Other possible missions

  • Depending on the needs and skills of the CEO, he/she may be asked to provide specific technical services on behalf of partners.

Experience / Training

IV- Diplomas and level of education

  • Ideally, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration or non-profit management.
  • Fluent in both written and verbal English and French. Knowledge of other languages is an asset.

V- Experience

  • Management of LMIC projects and/or organisations of at least 7 years.
  • Management experience at director or CEO level of non-profits appreciated.
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical quality and procurement is a plus.

VI- Location

  • The position can be based in Paris or Brussels.
  • Frequent travel abroad is expected.

Contact person

If interested, please send your cover letter and CV to: and indicate “QUAMED Chief Executive Officer – application” in the subject of your email.

For more information, you can contact Daniel Vandenbergh, President of the Board of Directors, at, with copy to

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