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ONG RAES recrute 01 Operations Director

Presentation of the RAES recrute 01 Operations Director

Founded in 2004, RAES is a Senegalese NGO that creates innovative strategies for behavioral change in Africa and acts as a hub for linking international partners and programmes, the media and local civil society. RAES trains, supports and accompanies local actors and communities in accessing information and finding appropriate solutions to their problems.

Vision of the RAES

To have communities that inform, mobilize and act on their future, individually and collectively.

Mission of the RAES

To promote social change and an environment conducive to informed individual and collective decision-making based on free, appropriate and complete information.

RAES values

RAES members and staff share a number of values:

  • Respect for human rights: RAES advocates for the universal recognition of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and their implementation through participatory and ownership processes.
  • Well-being, freedom and responsibility: RAES considers that the well-being of populations is not only measured by economic indicators, but also by the capacities of individuals to exercise informed and autonomous choices, while assuming their responsibilities in the society to which they belong.
  • Social justice and equity: RAES advocates sustainable development that is concerned with equity and solidarity, especially between the sexes and generations, because the successes of the present should not be achieved at the expense of a part of the population or of future generations.

RAES is now looking for a person to lead the operations department.

Mission and areas of responsibility of the position

The main task of the Operations Director is to support the Executive Board in setting strategic priorities, formulating the work plan and its implementation, and identifying development opportunities. This function is responsible for the proper implementation of the agreements signed with donors and operational partners. To this end, it coordinates and leads the Programmes division, the Operational Support division and the Digital division in order to achieve the defined objectives, in accordance with the commitments made. The Operations Department acts as an interface between its teams and the Administrative and Financial Department to ensure compliance with the defined budgetary framework.

Function and Tasks

  • Participate in the development of programmes and projects with the Executive Board:
  • By identifying – through monitoring – potential activities or partners in the light of changes in the context, the environment, needs on the ground, existing programmes or projects, etc;
  • Contributing to negotiations with partners and other stakeholders to define a logical framework for intervention, in conjunction with a programme coordinator or project officer.
  • Coordinating the drafting or writing of concept notes or project proposals, as well as the preparation of budget estimates.
  • Ensure the deployment of the annual work plan (steering, evaluation and adaptation):
  • By planning, preparing, leading and following up on meetings and work on the objectives, methods and results of the work carried out, whether within or between the teams under his/her responsibility;
  • Ensuring the monitoring of procedures, methods and working tools, in accordance with the annual work plan defined with the ED and adopted by the MB;
  • By supervising the effective mobilization of financial, human and technical resources, in conjunction with the programme coordinators, the project Directors and the technical teams that they supervise;
  • Ensuring that commitments made with technical and financial partners are respected, particularly in terms of deadlines, objectives and quality of activities carried out.
  • Leading the team and communicating with management:
  • By listening to the needs and requests of its teams in terms of support;
  • Disseminating the information necessary for the proper functioning of its teams and the quality of the work expected;
  • Ensuring regular reporting to the ED and donors;
  • By planning and preparing meetings with the ED or with his collaborators; then writing and distributing the minutes that he is responsible for;
  • By carrying out ad hoc field visits or missions, to participate in activities, provide support to teams, support stakeholders, etc;
  • Coordinating the writing of interim and final reports;
  • Contributing to the processes of experience capitalisation and communication on the operational project, under the authority of the ED;
  • Participating in thematic work and networks or platforms related to the themes of the operational project, in coordination with its teams;
  • Feeding internal debates on the programme’s themes.
  • Manage the team and contribute to administrative and financial functions
  • By participating in HR management practices: forward-looking management of jobs and skills, recruitment, integration, capacity building/training, evaluation, institutional relations, professional development, etc. ;
  • By fostering a climate of mutual respect, trust, exchange, cooperation and well-being at work;
  • Validating HR schedules: missions, travel, leave, replacements for absences, etc.);
  • Checking and validating the expenses of the teams under his/her direct responsibility;
  • Working closely with the RAF in processing and monitoring programme/project budgets.

Main organizational relationships

  • Line Manager : Executive Director
  • Internal functional relations: With all employees of the NGO, in particular those of the programmes, whether they are permanent or temporary (fixed-term contracts, interns, volunteers, etc.)
  • External functional relations: (consultants, experts, service providers, etc.), operational partners (in particular Keewu productions and the member associations of the Rights & Health Alliance), technical or financial partners.

Job requirements 


  • Mastery of project management knowledge, validated by a diploma or recommendation from an NGO or international organization.
  • Very good theoretical and practical knowledge of context analysis, ‘communication for change’ and community-based approaches.


  • Knowledge of the issues and practices in West and Central Africa with regard to the various fields of intervention of the NGO, particularly on issues of health, gender, democratic governance and citizen participation.
  • At least 10-15 years experience in programme/project management (either in an NGO or in an international organization), of which at least 5-7 years on RAES themes.

Technical skills

  • Ability to conceptualize a strategic vision, programmes/projects with a view to their operationalisation, based on the values and know-how of the NGO.
  • Mastery of funding channels and budget management techniques.
  • Ability to define and argue the choice of priorities.
  • Mastery of programme/project logical frameworks.
  • Organizational rigor in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of pre-defined work processes.
  • Ability to comply with procedures and deadlines.
  • Ability to monitor and keep abreast of developments in the field of intervention.
  • Excellent oral expression in French and English.
  • Good writing skills in both languages.
  • Fieldwork practice with local actors in Francophone Africa.
  • Full command of the office pack and Google Drive.

Teamwork and leadership skills

  • Ease of contact with others
  • Ability to communicate by adapting to the people you are talking to.
  • Team spirit in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of work processes within a team.
  • Ability to be available when needed.
  • Ability to collect and disseminate information to management, staff and partners.
  • At least 5 years experience in managing a team of at least 10 people.
  • To experience the pleasure of energizing, accompanying and developing a team in its work.
  • Ability to delegate and supervise follow-up.
  • Ability to evaluate employees and discuss the evaluation.
  • Ability to arbitrate to prioritize actions but also to manage disagreements.

Values and attitudes

  • Adherence to the associative culture, as well as to the core values of the RAES.
  • Understanding the positioning of the association, its know-how, its principles of action and its methods of intervention.
  • Ability to analyze and adapt to different situations.
  • Habit to deal with difficulties or stress.
  • Anticipation and initiative.
  • Curiosity and ability to question and innovate.
  • Continuous search for quality.

Other requirements

  • Ability to be mobile due to (frequent) travel in the field.


  • Type of contract: 2-year fixed-term contract under local Senegalese law with a 3-month trial period, renewable if necessary.
  • Location: position based in Dakar
  • Start date: October 2022
  • Gross monthly salary: according to the RAES salary scale and experience
  • 100% health insurance


Interested candidates should provide a CV, including 3 references, and a covering letter describing their education, experience and skills and why they think they are best suited for the position.

To apply, please send your application to the following address: with the reference of the offer in the subject line: Recruitment Operations Director.

Application deadline: 30 August 2022

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

« RAES fights against all forms of exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment as well as the mistreatment of children and vulnerable people and places great emphasis on equal opportunities.


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