MTN BENIN recruits 01 Product & Services Manager

MTN BENIN recruits 01 Product & Services Manager


MTN Benin
Product & Services Manager
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job:
To manage MTN Benin product development process and ensure that the company delivers the products & services required to meet market demand and customer expectations, achieve short term business objectives, while securing long-term competitive advantage
Key Performance Areas: Core, essential responsibilities / outputs of the position (KPA’s)
•Product Planning
   -Manage annual product (VAS & Digital, Data  planning cycle)
   -Annual product roadmap signed-off by management, agreed with Technical, CAPEX budgeted for in business plan
•Product Development
   -Coordinate the entire product implementation process across all departments involved, from product concept to product launch.
   -Implementation of periodic promos to stimulate demand and drive revenues.
   -Products, delivered on time, on budget, are customer focused and user friendly.
   -Annual subscriber, revenue and usage targets are achieved.
•Portfolio management
   -Manage MTN Benin product portfolio to ensure that products fit needs and requirements of various customer segments, and remain coherent, relevant and competitive in the face of changing customer needs and competitive activity: monitor technical & commercial performance of products against business objectives. Revise products where necessary to accommodate shifts in markets and customer needs. Subscriber uptake of products and services. Individual products contribution to revenue. Periodic product review and portfolio update. Annual market share, gross additions & RGS targets. Customer satisfaction index
•Training and information on products
   -Supervise training of all staff, especially frontline staff on existing, new products and services.
   -Ensure readily available, constant and accurate information on MTN and competitor’ products and services to enable frontline staff respond to customer needs and queries.
   -Periodic review to gauge staff level of knowledge and understanding key challenge of products and services.
•Product Innovation
   -Track industry and technology developments, mainly in VAS & Digital space  identify new product opportunities to ensure that MTN maintains innovation leadership.
   -Periodic technology updates.
   -Quality and relevance of new product ideas and initiatives as gauged by external concept tests.
•Competitor monitoring
   -Tracking of competitor R&D investments and new product capabilities, new product launches.
   -Periodic reports and analysis on all competitor products in the market, features, functions, relative advantages
•Budget management
   -Manage allocated OPEX budget for Product Development section.
   -Periodic budget analysis, updates and reports, Cost effectiveness measures
•Manage partners & suppliers
   -Identify strategic partners & suppliers of soft components of products (content providers, rights owners etc…) to secure competitive advantage for MTN. Manage contracts and relationship for key partners & suppliers. Exclusive MTN access to contents & rights, contracts, revenues generated through partnership
•Internal Coordination
   -Manage relationship with other departments involved in product development process to ensure timely delivery of projects.
   -Regular feedback on projects and products, documentation & implementation of internal processes to facilitate collaboration.
   -Implementation of structured PDP for MTN Benin
If the position has direct reports, the following Leadership Performance Areas also apply:
•Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation
•Manage performance of team.
•Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions
•Recruit staff for appointment (applicable to Senior Managers and above).
Minimum job-related educational qualification and experience required
•University Level education: Bachelor’ degree of Masters, preferably with Technical or IT background
•3 to 5  years’ experience as product Manager in a technology driven sector
Must live the MTN Values of
•Can Do; Integrity; leadership; Innovation; Relationships
Must live MTN vital Behaviours of
•Get it done, Total accountability, complete candour, and Active Collaboration
Important competencies required for the position: (competencies that are also important to job performance)-CHOOSE FROM LIST
•Professional competencies
•Strong project management skills
•Familiarity with telecoms industry technology & platforms, ability to understand technical terms
•Strong planning skills, ability to coordinate plans across several departments
•Financial literacy: basic understanding of finance principles, ability to perform cost & benefits, break even analysis
•Strong language and negotiation skills; ability to discern and protect MTN’s interests in negotiations with Service suppliers
•Ability to understand service platform requirements, translate customer requirements to technical solutions
•Analytical skills, ability to use and understand analytical models to interpret trends and patterns in product usage
•Understanding of core Marketing principles and their importance; segmentation, targeting, positioning, interaction of marketing mix
•Understanding of market research principles. Ability to interpret and use research data and findings
•Excellent computer skills. Familiarity with most used computer programs and tools: Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc…
General working conditions
•Local travel
•International travel
•Drivers license
Suitably qualified candidates interested in this position can submit an application by sending a comprehensive copy of their CV/Resume to Mokgadi.Raborife@mtn.com
Closing Date: 15 Nov 2019

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