Lottery Health Research: Providing Grants to Organisation in New Zealand

Lottery Health Research: Providing Grants to Organisation in New Zealand


Deadline: 5 September 2018

Applications are open for Lottery Health Research to provide grants to organisations for health research projects, scholarships, fellowships and research equipment that will help improve the health of New Zealanders.


Organisations receiving grants are expected to show how their health research will contribute to:

  • better understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment of disorders affecting New Zealanders
  • new approaches in health and bio-medical science for the ultimate benefit of all New Zealanders
  • developing and keeping a highly skilled workforce of health and bio-medical researchers in New Zealand.

Funding Information

  • The Committee will provide up to $120,000 over two years. Project leaders may only hold one Lottery translational research grant at a time and only submit one Lottery translational research grant request per funding round.
  • The Committee provides up to $80,000 per year for post-doctoralfellowships.

Priorities Area

  • The Lottery Health Research Committee gives priority to requests that:
    • show how the research will translate into better health outcomes for New Zealand populations, including Māori and Pasifika
    • show why the health issue is significant for New Zealand
    • addresses a unique gap in health research knowledge in New Zealand
    • includes researchers who will contribute to the New Zealand health sector over time.
  • For those requesting grants for post-doctoral fellowships and PhDscholarships priority is given to:
    • researchers who are early in their career or entering and/or returning to the New Zealand work force
    • host organisations that how they will provide quality support, management and supervision.
  • For shared equipment and translational research project requests, priority is given to:
    • collaboration, particularly with significant pieces of research equipment, which should be shared between a number or research centres/institutions)
    • projects that have received support from other funders.

What will be funded?

Lottery Health Research grants may support:

  • translational research projects
  • shared research equipment
  • post-doctoral fellowships
  • PhD Scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Grant requests must be made by organisations rather than by individuals.

How to Apply

  • There are two online request forms available, one for translational research projects or shared research equipment requests and one for post-doctoral fellowship or PhD scholarship requests.
  • All requests must be supported by a budget or quotes and all relevant approvals.

For more information, please visit Lottery Health Research.

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