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Irish Research Council: New Foundation Scheme 2018

Irish Research Council: New Foundation Scheme 2018

Deadline: 6 December 2018

Applications are open for New Foundations scheme to support eligible researchers who intend to pursue research, networking and/or dissemination activities within and across the diversity of disciplines.


This scheme provides support for research actions, the development of networks and consortia, conference and workshop development, and creative approaches to the communication of scientific concepts and/or complex societal challenges for a lay audience.

Funding Information

  1. Engaging Civic Society
    1. Enhancing Civic Society within a national context (max €12,000)
    2. Enhancing Civic Society within an international context (max €15,000)
  2. Knowledge Exchange for Impact (max €5,000)
  3. STEAM – innovations in the communication of science and knowledge (max €5,000)
  4. Networking & Collaboration Grant, in collaboration with:
    1. Irish Aid (max €10,000)
    2. Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission/IHREC (max €15,000)

Types of Strand

  • Strand 1: Engaging Civic Society: Run in partnership with the Wheel and Dóchas, this strand will support small, discrete collaborative projects between postdoctoral or more experienced researchers (acting as the applicant to the Council) and a community/voluntary organisation (CVO) or NGO. The civic society partner must be a registered charity.
    • The objectives of this Strand are to:
      • Develop networks between academia and civic society groups in the community and voluntary sector
      • Encourage knowledge exchange between these groups
      • Develop expertise to support the engagement of civic society organisations;
      • Develop networks between academia and civic society organisations;
      • Develop expertise to support the work of these organisations within the higher education community;
      • Develop capacity and routes for engagement with these organisations on a longer-term basis for participation in EU funded projects.
  • Strand 2: Knowledge Exchange for Impact– This strand is designed to enhance the international impact of Irish research through knowledge exchange. Applications will propose actions or activities providing exposure for the researcher to world-class networks or facilities that will enhance their research and support the further development of their career and international competitiveness. Proposals should clearly describe the nature of the knowledge exchange and the intended impact. Proposals seeking support solely for conference attendance will not be supported.
    • Please Note: Previous awardees under New Foundations schemes are not eligible to apply to Strand 2. This policy is designed to ensure that the widest possible range of researchers across all disciplines, in particular early career researchers seeking to establish their careers, can benefit from this funding.
  • Strand 3: STEAM – innovations in the communication of science and knowledge: The purpose of this strand is to bring science (including social science) and Art/Design/Humanities together to work on new ways of communicating scientific concepts and/or complex societal challenges for a lay audience.
    • This strand welcomes STEAM-based approaches to the public communication and dissemination of research. Applications that seek merely to promote the work of particular research centres/institutes will not be accepted.
  • Strand 4: Networking & Collaboration Grants, in partnership with Irish Aid & the IHREC: This strand will provide researchers with an opportunity to carry out networking activities or to form consortia. Successful proposals will be funded by Irish Aid and the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) and will be in areas of strategic interest to these organisations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scheme will offer research opportunities for academic researchers affiliated with, or supported by, an eligible higher education institution (HEI) or research-performing organisation (RPO) in Ireland to pursue research and dissemination activities.
  • An applicant who is a postgraduate scholar but not a member of staff affiliated to such an eligible institution must, as part of their application, identify an appropriate, named individual who is willing to act as a supervisor/mentor for the purposes of an award under this scheme. Such applicants are eligible to apply to Strands 2 and 3, but not Strands 1 and 4.
  • Given that the Irish Research Council’s stated mission is to enable the Irish research community to contribute to the body of global knowledge across the diversity of disciplines, recognising the importance of research and scholarship for all aspects of cultural, economic and societal development, applications from any field will be accepted under this scheme.

How to Apply

Applicants can download the application form via given website.

Eligible Country: Ireland

For more information, please visit https://bit.ly/2wvvpls

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