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IFAD Call for Proposals: Scaling up Renewable Energy Technologies in Agriculture

IFAD Call for Proposals: Scaling up Renewable Energy Technologies in Agriculture

Deadline: 30 March 2020

The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to identify the recipient of a three-year grant financed by IFAD of a total of US$2 million to implement the Scaling up Renewable Energy Technologies in Agriculture project.

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The main goal of this project is to promote the inclusion of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in existing IFAD projects and programmes in the Latin America and Caribbean by successfully supporting the implementation of RETs in agriculture in benefit of smallholder farmers, producers, associations and members of medium enterprises.

The grant will create new opportunities to promote sustainable production with increased efficiency and reduced energy costs, resulting in lower environmental impacts of agricultural practices and enhancing community resilience.

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The objectives of IFAD grant financing are to:

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Promote innovative, pro-poor approaches and technologies with the potential to be scaled up for greater impact
Strengthen partners’ institutional and policy capacities
Enhance advocacy and policy engagement
Generate and share knowledge for development impact
The Environment, Climate, Gender and Social Inclusion Division (ECG) and the Latin America and Caribbean Division (LAC) will be supervising the implementation of the project. The work envisioned under this grant involves research, capacity building, demonstrating and piloting the use of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in agriculture, and documenting their climate and economic benefits.

Funding Information

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The IFAD grant amount is up to USD 2,000,000. Co-financing (in-cash and/or in-kind) of the IFAD grant-financing amount provided by the applicant and any additional co-financing is part of the selection criteria.
While no upper limit is set, the applicant must ensure a minimum counterpart contribution between USD 500,000 and USD 2,000,000.
The programme’s duration will be of 3 years starting after the approval by the Executive Board, expected by September 2020.
Eligibility Criteria

With this open call, IFAD is inviting interested institutions to submit a proposal. Each institution can decide to submit alone or jointly as a consortium with other partner(s); in that case, the lead institution – who will enter into a legal agreement with IFAD – should be clearly identified and roles and responsibilities of the other partners be explicitly stated within the submitted proposal.
The recipient can be an inter-governmental organization (including UN agencies and CGIAR centres), a civil society organization (including NGOs ), an academic/research institution or a private sector entity. In case of a consortium, an organization can join more than one consortium but can be leading only in one of them. The recipient must demonstrate a strong focus, experience and expertise on RETs and climate change issues.
As evidence of sufficient experience, the grant recipient should have managed or been involved in the implementation of at least one project implementing RETs in agriculture in at least two countries of the LAC region, involving multiple stakeholders (Government, NGOs, farmers etc.). Additionally, the grant recipient or a member of their consortium should have at least five years experience in RETs related research.
How to Apply

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In order to submit your proposal, please review the letter of invitation. Your submission in pdf format will include:
Project proposal submitted using the grant Design Document template (with annexes), not exceeding 20 pages.
A detailed budget according to the template provided.
Applicants self-certification of eligibility for IFAD grant financing, duly filled in.
Applicants self-assessment financial management questionnaire (FMAQ) duly filled in.
A brief institutional profile, detailing experience in the priority area and specific theme outlines in the Grant Concept Note, and in the region/country(ies) where the grant would be implemented.
Eligible organizations are invited to submit proposals and confirm their participation.
For more information, visit https://www.ifad.org/en/web/latest/news-detail/asset/41726693

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