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IDEO accepting Applications for COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge

IDEO accepting Applications for COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge

Deadline: 31 March 2020

IDEO is currently coordinating with global response authorities who want to make sure people have actionable, relevant information around COVID-19.

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They’d like to share a range of experiences from around the world with them, showing how people are accessing information: What’s working well to motivate behavior change, what isn’t working, and what feels missing.

Opportunity Areas

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Sustainable and equitable access to information
How might IDEO ensures that information about COVID-19 spreads into communities around the world, enabling every person to stay healthy and safe while avoiding misinformation and unnecessary fear? ‍
You can’t fight a virus if you don’t know how. COVID-19 has driven more engagement and coverage than any other virus, with constant updates and new information available through traditional media channels and on social media. How do they know what information to rely on? Containing and stopping this pandemic will require equitable access to trusted, reliable information. How is your community accessing trusted information? What questions do you have? Have you observed contradictions and misinformation?
Inspiring and uplifting each other
How might we leverage creativity and thoughtfulness to nurture each other emotionally and spiritually while adapting to a new normal?
Positivity, joy and connectedness can serve as a source of fuel during times of uncertainty. While social distancing helps to prevent the rampant spreading of COVID-19, it can result in loneliness, depression and anxiety, especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly. Simple acts and gestures can enable an outsized effect—from new ways of connecting online, to rethinking good deeds and helpfulness in a contactless world, to infusing art and play into our days. What’s bringing you joy during this time? Where are you struggling?
Thoughtful preparation for a new reality
How might we thoughtfully and effectively learn to prepare ourselves, our families, and our communities for this new reality brought forth by COVID-19? ‍
The way they are engaging with, managing, and planning our relationship with resources such as food, shelter, clothing, education, community spaces, healthcare, and more have been redefined—seemingly overnight. Working together to ensure our families and communities are well provided for is imperative at this world-shifting time. In what ways are you learning about how best to prepare your local community, family, network and others to ensure resources are well-managed and available for all?
Inspiration Phase

The inspirational phase is about sharing what you’ve seen and learned around the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes posting information and practises that have helped you change your behaviour, make decisions and gain inspiration.

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What Happens

Participants will share their experience regarding information and inspiration they’ve seen around the COVID-19 outbreak that has helped them change their behaviour and make new decision.

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Eligibility Criteria

COVID-19 is impacting and reshaping daily life for everyone around the globe. IDEO invites anyone to participate and share your experience and learnings—every insight is valuable to sharpening thinking.
While they hope to build solutions together soon, at this moment IDEO asks only for you to share your experience regarding information and inspiration you have seen around the COVID-19 outbreak that has helped you change your behavior and make new decisions.
For more information, visit https://www.openideo.com/challenge-briefs/covid19-communication-challenge

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