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Gret recruits 01 energy project manager (M/F) for a position in Myanmar or in Cambodia on access to essential services

Gret recruits 01 energy project manager (M/F) for a position in Myanmar or in Cambodia on access to essential services

Founded in 1976, Gret is a non-profit association of professionals for fair development. It supports sustainable development processes in urban and rural areas by building on social equity, economic promotion and respect for the environment. It combines field actions with expertise, contributes to public policy, produces and distributes references. Active in 30 countries in 2017, Gret has 13 permanent branch offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Over the past 35 years, Gret has been working on access to basic or essential services: drinking water, energy, sanitation and solid waste management – one of the organisation’s fields of intervention (SEL – Services Essentiels Locaux in its French acronym). Projects implemented in this sector aim to ensure access to lasting, fair and quality services for all. They are designed to be adapted to local context and are nourished by technical, social and institutional innovations. Actions aim at improving and professionalising access to a reliable and affordable energy, drinking water, sanitation and solid waste management. At the end of 2021, more than 20 projects are under way in a dozen countries (Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Congo, France, Haiti, Laos, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mauritania, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal), their area of interest ranging from the rural to the semi-urban and urban. One hundred staff are involved in implementing them.

In the energy sector, Gret has been has an experience in implementing projects related to access to electricity and access to clean cooking: hydro mini-grids in Madagascar, development of productive use of energy in Senegal; dissemination of clean cookstoves in Mauritania. Gret also carries feasibility studies, evaluation, and technical assistance to donors, institutional partners, NGO, private operators.

Since 1995, Gret is working in Myanmar on agriculture development, nutrition, microfinance and water & sanitation in Yangon, Chin and Rakhine States, in the Dry zone  and in Ayeyarwaddy Delta.

The Project Manager will focus on the 30-months-long “PURE Project” recently funded by AFD. This project, starting at the beginning of 2022, intends to support the transition towards renewable energy for small productive use in two regions of Myanmar with PV Power potential (Chin State and Sagaing Region). The project is implemented along with Thitsar Ooyin, a Myanmar micro finance institute. Two smaller projects currently under instruction will fall under the responsibility of the Project Manager in case their funding is confirmed (rural water in Delta Region and household energy efficiency and sanitation in Chin State).

In South East Asia, GRET carries studies in Energy field mainly in Cambodia.

In order to ensure sound understanding of South East Asia Gret activities and its potential, the position will be either based in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) or in Myanmar for Myanmar applicants or with valid visa.

Then, the position implies frequent local/international travels in the project’s implementation area, depending on the safety and sanitary conditions.


As part of the Basic Services and Natural Resources department (SEREN in its French acronym) and the Essential services (SEL) sub-department, the project manager will be active on energy (mostly) and if needed in water, waste and sanitation management issues in South East Asia.

He or she will be in charge of managing PURE Myanmar project and developing activity (projects or studies) on this subject and support local staff in carrying out their activities. Two smaller projects currently under instruction in Myanmar might fall under the responsibility of the Project Manager in case their funding is confirmed.

An Essential Service teams (SEL) is in place and based in Myanmar (Mandalay and Monywa) with the Technical Assistance of a microfinance expert in Yangon. The team will work under the responsibility and supervision of the Project Manager.

More precisely the missions he or she will have to carry out are:

1/ As project manager of the PURE Project (75%) and other SEL projects in Myanmar :

  1. Implementing and planning the activities related to the PURE Project
    1. Contribute to the strategic management, planning, development of tools, process and methodology, along with the HQ Energy project manager and the partner (Thitsar Ooyin). For projects related to water, sanitation and solid waste in Myanmar, the Project Manager will receive the support of a Technical Assistant to facilitate the development of specific methodology in these sectors.
    2. Ensure the implementation and monitoring of the planning of activities in the field and the relations between the projects and its stakeholders, in accordance with the contractual commitments of the projects.
  • Contribute to the design and implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation system.
  1. Manage projects at the financial, administrative, and human levels, in accordance with the rules and procedures in force.
    1. Ensure, in accordance with internal GRET procedure and compliance with the rules of the financial partner (AFD), the financial management of projects
    2. Ensure, in accordance with Representative Team in Myanmar, the administrative and logistical management of project.
  • Manage teams dedicated to project and contribute, in accordance with GRET procedure, to the proper management of human resources for projects; propose action plans for the capacity building, recruit
  1. Contribute to the management of relations with financial and contractual partners of the projects (ensure in particular the elaboration of narrative reports of the projects and the organisation of steering committee).
  2. Ensure project communication in accordance with GRET’s communication policy and the projects’ contractual obligations (visibility).

2/ As Energy project manager in South East Asia (25%)

  1. Design and negotiate Energy actions with technical and financial partners; technically, financially and contractually follow them up ;
  2. Carry out, on a regular basis, technical support missions and consultancies on these subjects: technical studies, socio-economic or organisational diagnostics, project evaluations, training, etc. ;
  3. Supervise the work of the teams carrying out the projects under her or his responsibility. In particular, support project heads and technical assistants in defining and updating their implementation methodologies and strategies ;
  4. Manage the relationships with the technical and financial partners involved in projects under her or his responsibility ;
  5. Formalise the knowledge, methods and tools used in his or her domain. Contribute to strategic thinking and knowledge management of the SEL and Energy team for her or his own experience ;
  6. Carry out a regular communication on the projects and contribute to internal debates both within the department and within Gret.

The project manager will work under the responsibility of the SEL energy HQ Project Manager and under the supervision of the Cambodia or Myanmar Country Representatives.

Expériences / Formation

  • Higher education diploma in engineering and / or service economy (energy and/or environment);
  • 5 to 10 years of professional experience on energy, and experience in waste, water or sanitation management are welcome ;
  • Professional experience as a project manager in at least one developing country, in particular in South East Asia, experience in Myanmar or Cambodia is a plus ;
  • Experience in conflict or humanitarian situation is a plus ;
  • The capacity to carry out consultancy missions: feasibility studies, evaluations, etc. ;
  • Solid experience in designing multiyear projects and good knowledge of funding agencies (UE, AFD, UNICEF, World Bank, French decentralised cooperation, etc.) ;
  • Adaptable, good interpersonal skills, a taste for team work in intercultural contexts ;
  • Good deductive, analytical and writing skills, good ability to summarise ;
  • Mastery of classic office applications, knowledge of GIS or Energy specific applications a plus ;
  • Fluent English, knowledge of French a plus.
  • Myanmar people application are welcomed
    • Conditions, pay, length project management position :


Depending on security conditions, the position will be based either :

  • In Myamnar : temporary renewable two years contract. The position will be based in Myanmar (Yangon Gret office or Mandalay) ;
  • In Cambodia: temporary renewable two years contract. The position will be based at Gret country office in Phnom Penh. Depending on the evolution of the Myanmar context, the portfolio, the possibility of moving to Yangon will be explored.

Begins: early 2022

Salary according to Gret salary grid.

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