Go. Go Love: Accepting Grant Proposals for Projects in 2019

Go. Go Love: Accepting Grant Proposals for Projects in 2019


Deadline: 8 October 2018

Go. Go Love is currently accepting Grant Proposals for Projects in 2019 to increase its activities, developing long-term relationships and partnerships with organisations that work directly with beneficiaries and communities.


Go. Go Love is a privately funded foundation that aims to create a little more love to share through the world. They believe that in order to make a positive impact in world, country and community, they need to love all people, to love the earth and to love the innovation, ideas and passion that make the first two more possible.

Go. Go Love’s mission is to provide organisations and communities the means to work together in achieving positive changes, with the ultimate goal in improving the overall quality of life.

Funding Information

Projects can receive funding of up to $30,000AUD over a 1-2 year project timeline.

Project Criteria

  • The projects goal must address at least one or more of the following areas
    • Gender equality: empowering women & girls
    • Health & WASH
    • Enhancing child protection & youth participation
    • Resilience building to climate change, disasters (risk reduction) and other factors of vulnerability such as poverty
  • This round of funding is targeting small to medium organisations working in developing countries in Asia (South-East, South and/or Central), Africa or Central America.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Go. Go Love Foundation cannot/will not fund individuals, organisations must have charitable status
  • Priority will be given to organisations working in partnership with local NGOs/CBO’s developing countries in Africa, Asia (South-East, South and/or Central) or Central America
  • Organisations who apply within Australia (or other developed countries) must prove that 80% or more of their activities are being implemented outside of country
  • Australian organisations are required to have DGR status with an Overseas Aid Fund
  • Organisations must submit their application in English, and be able to provide financials and final reports in English as well.
  • The Foundation define a small to medium NGO as one who has an annual revenue less than 1 million Australian dollars

How to Apply

All applications are to be submitted via email at the address given on the website.

for more information, please visit Go. Go Love

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