GFA Consulting Group recruits 01 team leader/Agribusiness development expert

GFA Consulting Group recruits 01 team leader/ AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXPERT FOR EU

GFA Consulting Group

Lilongwe, Malawi
Posted on: 30 Sep, 2019
Application by: 11 Oct, 2019
Project status: Tender
Project title: Farmer capacity in agribusiness and sustainability of irrigation schemes and development of feasibility studies for potential irrigation sites
Period of project: approx. 03/2020 – 03/2023
Duration of assignment: 17 months intermittent in 3 years
Country: Malawi
Duty station: Lilongwe
Job code: ARD-MWI19EU0278/1
Project description
The overall objective of the project is to build capacity of farmer organisations in the EU developed schemes to enhance agribusiness skills and sustainability of the infrastructure whilst ensuring that environmental management plans are implemented.
The purpose of this contract is to enhance capacity building of the farmer organisations in the irrigation schemes to be able to sustain the irrigation interventions as a business including catchment management. The consultancy will also contribute to conducting feasibility studies in priority sites of the Irrigation Master Plan to be used by public, private and civil society organisations for sustainable irrigation development.
The foreseen project duration is 36 months.
The project has three main components:
Provision of technical expertise to irrigation communities in cooperative development, agribusiness and water users empowerment,
Building of community capacity in catchment management including alternative livelihoods,
Conduction of feasibility studies to attract other development partners and private sector development in line with the Irrigation Master and Investment Framework.
Job description
Essential tasks of the consultant team:
–    Continue to build farmer cooperatives in irrigation schemes to enable them to sustainably manage the schemes and become viable business entities.
–   Enhance farmer agribusiness and value chain skills development.
–    Provide technical expertise to communities/farmers on catchment management including alternative livelihood interventions.
–    Provide technical expertise and coordination of all stakeholders in the implementation of environmental management and monitoring plans.
–    Identify commercially viable large and medium scale irrigation projects through feasibility studies and package them to attract private sector funding or stimulate participation either directly or through PPP arrangements.
–   Assess the business economic environment for the attraction of private investment into irrigation farming.
–    Identify barriers to private capital investment into irrigation and those that can be addressed through non-capital measures e.g. if it is market failure, how to secure demand; if it is high risks, how to offer loan guarantees or subsidized insurance.
–    Advise on and identify fiscal incentives that can promote investment into large and medium scale irrigation projects to encourage private sector participation.
–    Identify international institutions and companies that can support irrigation investment in the country. Organise materials and package opportunities for irrigation investment that can be provided to potential international investors.
–   Develop strategies to attract investment into climate smart irrigation schemes. Assess the performance of existing initiatives in this area, and take stock of existing investors and assess their needs to expand such type of investments.
–   Establish Terms of Reference for the recruitment of non-key experts.
–   Hold at least a Master’s Degree in agricultural economics/agriculture/agribusiness, food sciences/technology, agriculture finance or a first degree in a related discipline with at least eight (8) years of relevant experience, five (5) of which should be in multilateral development institutions in agriculture and/ or agribusiness management as a professional, and three (3) years of which should be at a managerial level,
–   A minimum of 5 years of experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research,
–  Fluency in English,
–    Must have at least 5 years of experience as a Team Leader,
–  Must possess excellent transfer of knowledge skills through at least 3 years of experience of capacity building initiatives,
–  Must have at least 5 years of experience working in sub-Saharan Africa, preferably in COMESA and/or SADC regions,
–  Must have at least 5 years of experience in farmer cooperative development, strengthening and capacity building,
–   Must have at least 5 years of experience in developing agriculture based business investments in a developing country,
–   Must have at least 4 years of experience in the establishment of agribusiness platforms and commodity value chain levels in developing countries,
–    Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in coaching staff members in agribusiness and farmer cooperatives.
Please note that all of the qualifications must be fulfilled
Contact person
  Ingrid Wawrzynowicz
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