French Red Cross recrute 01 Médiateur (trice) – Interprète

French Red Cross recrute 01 Médiateur (trice) – Interprète

A major player in the social and solidarity economy, the French Red Cross manages a network of nearly 600 establishments and services in the health, medico-social and training sectors. She is also the head of 12 regional health and social training institutes. A member of the largest global humanitarian network, the French Red Cross employs nearly 17,000 employees who, through more than 70 professions, place their professionalism at the service of the most vulnerable within medico-educational institutes, nurseries, retirement homes, functional rehabilitation centers, emergency accommodation centers, training, international missions …The DMSE – Mobile Support System for Exiles – offers populations in exile on the Hauts-de-France coastline nursing care and transfers to the Health Care Access Center (PASS), listening activities, guidance and information on rights, prevention, maintenance and restoration of family ties.In April 2021, the DMSE opened a section aimed at vulnerable children and young people in the territory, isolated or accompanied.In this context, the team made up of a Protection project manager and a specialized educator, supported by volunteers, intervenes as closely as possible to the target audience by offering socio-educational and / or psychosocial activities, a individualized support and by raising awareness and delivering information adapted to individual situations and understandable by all. These activities aim to create a gateway to the protection and care arrangements provided for by law.The interpreter mediator intervenes, exclusively under the responsibility of the Protection Project Manager, in conjunction with the specialist educator.Objectives and missions of the position:Preparation and implementation of activitiesParticipate in the design of activities and intervention methods and their permanent readjustment,Co-organize field deployments with the other employees of the team,Design media and tools for mediation, awareness and access to information and rights,Participate in exploratory patrols consisting of going out to meet target audiences, identifying and analyzing situations of vulnerability to support them in providing appropriate careParticipate in interpreting and mediation during camp marauding activities and individual interviews, Support and monitoring of vulnerable peopleParticipate in the development and implementation of support activities for children and young people towards the various care systems including child protection,Create a relationship of trust with supported audiences to encourage their adherence and participation in our activities,Prevent and defuse conflicts and ensure the regulation of interactions between the team and young people,Participate in the first assessment of the vulnerabilities of the audiences encountered, as part of on-site surveys and individual interviews,Take into account and raise awareness of intercultural issues both among the teams and the audiences encountered.Specific occupational risks: the position may require, depending on the situation, significant availability and mobility. The context of intervention in camps is particularly volatile and requires qualities of adaptation and resistance to stress. The emotional load induced by this work context as well as by supporting people with difficult journeys requires significant empathy as well as the ability to distance oneself. Benevolence, sharing of experiences and good practices is therefore essential within the volunteer and salaried team.Full-time fixed-term contract until December 31, 2021Compensation according to Collective agreement and experience50% refund of the transport cardParticipation in meal expensesMany trips to planWeekend and evening work possibleLocation: Dunkirk (59) and regular trips to Lille 

Expériences / Formation

Expériences / Formation:Maîtrisant les techniques de médiation interculturelle et du cadre de l’écoute active, vous avez une expérience dans l’action sociale et auprès des exilé-e-s, de préférence les enfants et les jeunes.Vous avez déjà mené des sessions d’animation auprès du public enfant et jeune. De plus, avoir une bonne connaissance des dispositifs de l’Aide Sociale à l’Enfance sur le littoral est un atout.Doté.e d’une aisance relationnelle et d’excellentes capacités de communication, vous maîtrisez la langue Kurde Sorani et/ou le Pashto. Vous maîtrisez les équipements numériques utilisés au quotidien. Vous êtes organisé.e, autonome et adaptable, et avez la capacité à travailler dans un contexte d’urgence et à prendre de la distance vis-à-vis des conditions de (sur)vie des personnes rencontrées. Enfin, vous savez faire preuve de discrétion et respecter le principe de confidentialité inhérent à l’accompagnement de publics vulnérables.

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