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DFID: Transparency and Accountability in Malawi Programme

DFID: Transparency and Accountability in Malawi Programme

Deadline: 10 July 2018

The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is seeking applications for its Transparency and Accountability in Malawi Programme which will support improved policy and regulation of markets for more inclusive growth, more efficient / effective allocation of budgets and more politicians seeking legitimacy based on performance and policies rather than personal networks.

It will bring together reformers in government, civil society, private sector, politicians and others who have an interest in positive change. The core of the new approach presented in the current design entails selecting topical and material issues around which it is easier to build positive collective groups, presenting positive messages and helping to tip the balance of power in favour of change.

The programme will have a strong focus on transparency and use different tools to track use of budgets in these areas at local levels. The programme will deliver short-term results in terms of better services or increased incomes, but ultimately it will seek to use these issues to bring about policy or institutional changes in the way of doing business.

A combination of small grants, technical expertise, facilitation, and media and advocacy work will be used to drive change on chosen issues. It is expected that between six and eight issues will be targeted over the lifetime of the programme. These issues will be identified through research to be done in the first years of the programme.

DFID Malawi is planning a five-year (2018-2023) Transparency and Accountability programme. The programme is in an advanced stage of design and likely to be submitted for approval in early autumn.

Components of Programme

The programme will include three components:

  • An issues-based accountability component (Commercial tender)
  • An elections component (MoU with bilateral/ multilateral development partner)
  • Possibly a component of support through an accountable grant for funding to civil society organisations.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply using DFID Supplier Portal.

For more information, please visit Transparency and Accountability in Malawi Programme.

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