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Caring for Denver Foundation announces CFPs on Youth (US)

Caring for Denver Foundation announces CFPs on Youth (US)


Deadline: 7-Dec-20

Caring for Denver Foundation is currently seeking proposals to address its Youth focus area.

Youth funding is directed at innovative mental health, trauma, and/or substance misuse supports, which increase youth’s resilience to life stresses and pressures; address mental health and substance misuse early; and/or provides supports for families and allies of youth to better support youth in their healing.

Priority Areas

Caring for Denver will consider investments in programs, projects, and/or activities in the following Youth priority areas:

Resilience to life stresses and pressures
Peer and mentoring activities that are supported, expanded and promoted to address the mental health, trauma, and substance misuse needs of youth. These supports are offered by those with lived experience, are encouraging and ‘real’, and meet youth where they are;
Mental health, substance misuse, and trauma-informed supports that are increased for youth impacted by loss, violence, and school disruption. This support increases a sense of belonging and purpose;
Education, resources, and supports that occur in spaces in which youth trust and feel safe and are empowering for youth to heal d. Mental health and substance misuse messages that are developed and spread by youth in their own voice.
Address mental health and substance misuse early
Art and activities offered to address mental health, trauma, and substance misuse that encourage self-expression without shame, and help youth to envision a healthy future;
Solutions that address risk factors and trauma early to promote healthy development and coping strategies;
Supports that address mental health and substance misuse as early as possible, including during pregnancy;
Resources and supports that remove cultural barriers, address stigma, and increase positive perspectives about seeking care for youth and families.
Supports for families, caregivers, and allies of youth
Supports and resources that help families, caregivers, and allies recognize symptoms and address early signs of the need for mental health, trauma, and substance misuse support b. Trusted connections and supports for families (multi-generational) to increase their ability to support youth in healing.
Funding Information

The total amount available for all grant awards in this funding area is up to $10 million. Applicants should consider the total amount available to organizations and agencies in the amount they request.
Budgets will be evaluated for their reasonableness.
If an organization has already received a grant from Caring for Denver, that will be taken into consideration as well.
Desired Impact

Applicants must highlight how their programs, projects, and/or activities work towards achieving at least one of the following results:

Reduced harm to self and others through addressing trauma, mental health, and substance misuse;
Increased ability to demonstrate healthy resilience for coping with challenges and stresses in life;
Increased awareness and involvement by family and allies in ways that help youth address trauma, mental health, and substance misuse;
Improved mental health and/or reduced substance misuse by youth.
Award Considerations

Grant decisions will favour programs/projects that:

Are youth-informed/youth-led and engage young people as partners in the work;
Focus on innovative approaches;
Are meaningful to youth, where they are, and in the forms that work for them;
Reach youth who have been impacted by trauma and inequitable access to resources and supports;
Focus on the strengths of youth;
Value culture in healing and identity.
Eligibility Criteria

Projects and activities supported by Caring for Denver’s grantmaking must serve or support only residents of the City and County of Denver (“City”). Caring for Denver’s general definition of residency is derived from the State of Colorado Medical Services Board Rule 8.607.1(F) around Areas of Service. The following individuals will be considered City residents by Caring for Denver:

An individual physically residing full time in the City;
An individual experiencing homelessness presenting in the City and intending to stay in the City;
An individual, under 21 years of age and in the custody of Denver Human Services (“DHS”);
An individual, under 18 years of age and in primary legal and residency custody of a City resident;
A non-City resident who is placed in a mental health and/or substance abuse program while in a City Jail.
Applicants can be any nonprofit organization designated by the IRS as tax-exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3), or under other sections of the U.S. tax code or fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity. Faith-based organizations are eligible to apply so long as they are designated by the IRS as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization and all Caring for Denver grant funds are used for non-religious purposes. Applicants may also be an Indian or Native American entity. Government-supported entities, including schools, museums, or libraries, as well as City and County of Denver or State of Colorado agencies are eligible to apply. Caring for Denver Foundation will accept one application per organization in an open Call for Proposals.

For more information, visit https://caring4denver.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Youth-Call-for-Proposals-2020.pdf

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