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Call for Applications for New Zealand Embassy Fund (Cairo) 2020/21

Call for Applications for New Zealand Embassy Fund (Cairo) 2020/21

Deadline: 4-Oct-20

The New Zealand Embassy in Cairo is pleased to announce the opening of the New Zealand Embassy Fund Applications for 2020/2021.

1000 new grants and donors
The New Zealand Embassy Fund (the Fund) supports short-term community projects that contribute to wider community well-being and sustainable development in Egypt in order to reduce poverty and contribute to a secure, equitable and prosperous world.

Priority Areas

The Fund can be used to support development projects in the areas of, but not limited to:

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sustainable agriculture,
environmental sustainability,
women’s empowerment,
capacity and skills building.
Funding Information

The maximum grant funding per project is USD 20,000 (EGP 308,000).
The preference is that approved projects are completed within one year.
Proposals should cover:

key stakeholders of the project (including the target beneficiaries)
the consultative process undertaken to develop the activity plan
the project’s objectives
an implementation plan clearly illustrating the key stages of your project from the start until the end including the different inputs required
possible risks to the project and how they will be managed
a safety plan for the project where high risks are identified
a detailed budget.
Eligibility Criteria

Deadline Free Grants
The Fund is aimed primarily at community groups and Non-Government Organisations but other types of not-for profit organisations, for example schools, business associations, may apply. The Fund does not support individual businesses. Check with the New Zealand Embassy if you are unsure about your organisation’s eligibility.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3ceyNod

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