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British Embassy Bishkek: Call for 2020-2021 Project Bids

British Embassy Bishkek: Call for 2020-2021 Project Bids

Deadline: 12-Nov-20

The British Embassy Bishkek now invites for project initiatives in Kyrgyzstan for activity until March 2021.

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The British Embassy in Kyrgyzstan works to develop and sustain the important bilateral relationship between the UK and the Kyrgyz Republic, supporting security, democratization and prosperity.

Their work includes efforts to strengthen democracy and Kyrgyzstan’s engagement with the international rules-based system; supporting defense and security cooperation; working to reduce conflict; encouraging sustainable economic growth; and providing modern and efficient services to British nationals.


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They expect project initiatives to contribute to the following objectives:
Governance and media

Building capacity and resilience in Kyrgyzstan’s government bodies, supporting Public Sector Reform to strengthen development of effective governance and increased support for the Rule of Law or;
Stronger independent media, providing higher quality products to audiences in Kyrgyzstan and helping to counter disinformation, by increasing capacity and professionalism of journalists.
The maximum project budget for proposals in the above categories is £30,000. Activity should start and finish between January and March 2021.

Environment and climate change

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Increased awareness in Kyrgyzstan (in government and in public) of the economic and security threat posed by climate change, and the importance of taking urgent action to mitigate future risks.

A faster transition to environmentally clean growth in one or more sectors of the Kyrgyz economy or
Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, increasing Kyrgyzstan’s ambition as set out in its National Determined Contribution (NDC) and target for net zero emissions.
The maximum project budget for proposals in these categories is £10,000 ($15,452). Activity should start in January and be completed by 15 March 2021.

Submission Procedure

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They invite proposals for projects for activity within the specified time frames. Proposals would need to identify a clear and complete set of objectives and relevant activities, with activity-based budget.
Project proposals must have a clear purpose supported by achievable and measurable outputs (e.g. events and reports) and outcomes (i.e. what the project aims to help address through its activity). The project costs can be in US dollars, but must give the equivalent value in pounds sterling. Please do not produce budgets in Kyrgyz Som.
For more information, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/british-embassy-bishkek-call-for-2020-2021-project-bids

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