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ASKY Airlines Africa is seeking (01) A/C Technician

ASKY Airlines Africa is seeking (01) A/C Technician

Entreprise/Structure: Compagnie aérienne ASKY
Ville, Pays: Afrique
Niveau d’études minimum réquis: Non précisé
Expériences professionnelles demandées: 3 ans
Date limite de dépôt de dossier: 02-07-2016
Email de réception des candidatures :

Détails :

ASKY Airlines is recruiting an A/C TECHNICIAN

•A/C Technician

•Performs basic aircraft maintenance tasks on all ASKY operated Aircrafts which include (but not limited to) open-up and close up of access panels, servicing of oil, hydraulic and fuel   systems, lubrication and application of sealants, removal and installation of components, cleaning of components directly related to the specific job he/she is doing.
•Performs operational, functional and system checks on all ASKY aircraft system.
•Troubleshoots and corrects aircraft defects per approved manuals and documents.
•Removes and installs engines, APU’s, flight control surfaces and other major aircraft parts.
•Performs major rigging, adjustments and calibration tasks on all ASKY operated aircraft.
•Loads/replaces electronic data on all ASKY operated Aircrafts.
•Completes and signs all paper work for all tasks he/she performed.
•Completes all data entry to the IT system properly for all maintenance activities.
•Operates ground support equipment (GSE) required to perform maintenance on all aircraft.
•Participating in all Aircraft towing activities to/from maintenance area, as necessary, by brake riding and/or communicating with ATC.
•Sign release to service for type rated aircraft after all maintenance work accomplished and after confirming all paper works are completed.
•Respects and complies with all safety procedures, cautions and warnings, etc.
•Respects and complies with all procedures in the MME, MPM and other applicable ASKY Policy/procedure documents.
•Strives to broaden his/her knowledge and skill in troubleshooting of aircraft defer defects, best maintenance practices, aviation regulations, safety Procedures, etc.
•Strictly follows applicable aircraft manuals and documents while performing any maintenance work on airplanes and parts.
•Respects and works in harmony with work colleagues and supervisors to promote Safety, productivity and company objectives.
•Performs the duty of flight technician.
•Assists his/her supervisor in planning and organizing the execution of maintenance tasks.
•Performs other tasks assigned to him/her by his/her supervisor.

Minimum Educational Level:
•Graduated from recognized Aircraft Maintenance Training center and holder of a valid Aircraft Maintenance License
Qualifications / Skills:
•Knowledge of continuing airworthiness
•Knowledge of maintenance method
Professional Experiences:
•Minimum 03 years in A/C Maintenance (base or dispatch)
Language Proficiency: French and English

Send your application to the following address:
•BP 2988 LOME – Togo or Email:

The application must include:
• a letter of motivation
• A curriculum vitae
• A copy of birth certificate
• A copy of certificate of nationality
• Copies of all diplomas and certificates
For applications sent by mail, please clearly indicate the position you are applying for on the envelope.
Only selected candidates will be contacted
Deadline for submission: 2nd July 2016

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