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Apply for Health Investment DFID Nigeria Programme!

Apply for Health Investment DFID Nigeria Programme!

Deadline: 31 December 2018

The UK’s Department for International Development is seeking applications for a programme entitled “Health Investment DFID Nigeria”. DFID will be organising an early market engagement in order to inform the design of its new health programme in Nigeria.


This programme is aiming to have impact on saving lives, reducing suffering and improving economic prospects for the poorest and most vulnerable in Nigeria, through a stronger and more resilient public and private health system. It will focus on Kaduna, Kano, Jigawa, Yobe and Borno states (as access permits), whilst providing support to the federal government and ensuring flexibility to enable change in geographic focus if required.

The new health programme will be DFID Nigeria’s overarching health programme, and will be taking over from the programmes in DFID Nigeria’s current health portfolio, with the exception of SUNMAP 2 (malaria), nutrition and WASH programmes, which will be addressed separately.

The overarching business case is in the process of development but is likely to consist of a number of components, including a contract that will be let through the OJEU process. This OJEU contract is in the process of being developed. However it is likely that it will include:

  • Support efforts to increase resources identified in the public sector to enable improved coverage and access to basic health services, through increased demand / advocacy from communities / civil society, and increased awareness of Government at all levels of the need to budget for basic health services.
  • Strengthen the health system at all levels, particularly in targeted states (including technical support for leadership and governance, health financing and health information systems) to enable more efficient use of existing resources (including human resources and medicines).
  • Improves effectiveness of the private sector in delivery of affordable basic health services (through improved regulation and piloting new mechanisms)
  • Increase in demand for family planning commodities and services through addressing social norms and demand creation.


The duration is likely to be for up to 8-10 years, with break clauses built into the programme.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply using DFID supplier portal.

For more information, please visit Health Investment DFID Nigeria Programme.

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